March 28, 2012

Yes, I'm a mess!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 

  • Another day around here and more workers to watch.  The heat and air folks were here today and the kids watched from the window some but are now immune to the business going on outside.  Graham was still happy to report that we had workers working but yesterday, Campbell didn't miss a beat as a worker walked past the window when she said "there's a worker man."
  • We had breakfast and then I sent everyone off with their trash bags to empty the trash.  It worked fairly well and saved me a bit of time.  I have Reagan's list of chores ready to start when we finish with school for the year (beginning of May).  I think that Anderson and Graham will get lists too.  That way I will have more time to lay around in my bath robe and eat bon bons.
  • Next up we had school and then played US bingo.  Anderson amazed me at how quickly he could check to see if he had any of the states on his board.  They enjoyed that and played for a few minutes before lunch time.  Robby came in for a few minutes and we did our Easter egg countdown.
  • Campbell had her afternoon nap-she can sleep through anything-even 4 men hammering and banging outside her window.  Graham lost his 5th ticket and was sent to take a nap (my rule for the day-lose all 5 of your tickets and go to bed until time to go).  He didn't mind since he was in need of a nap.  
  • Before too long it was time to go and see Beebee and Papaw.  They were finishing supper so we stood around their table until they headed back to their room.  The kids were pretty wound up but I think I would prefer that to when they are so timid they are hiding behind me.  The boys enjoyed making their lift chairs go up and down.  Campbell danced a bit, Reagan decided she was a bunny but Keaton saved the day with her smiles and coos while Beebee and then Papaw were holding her.
  • Beebee made Papaw give the kids each a dollar.  This is the second time they have given them money.  Hmmm,  I have been trying to go once a week to see them but if I start going daily, we could really rack up!  Ha!  The kids get all excited about spending their money to buy a slushie from sonic.
  • Next up was Cubbies tonight at church and the kids always enjoy it.  I enjoyed hearing Anderson's teachers say that Anderson was able to spout off lots of verses during their review time!  Whoop! Makes me happy!
  • This little 6 month old beside me has practically chased me across the floor trying to get to my computer.  She will probably be our first child to crawl.  She is just scooting, rolling and reaching-maybe I should start thinking about baby gates!

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