March 5, 2012

Sometimes you have to fend for yourself!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

Click each name for a quick video of each of the Dennie Kids:

  • When Robby loaded up Reagan and Anderson this morning to take them to school, Campbell had already put on her shoes and was walking to his car.  He told her that she was going to go with me and not him and she turned around and started bawling as she slowly and pitifully walked back to the house.  She did calm and patiently waited for me to take my shower and load everyone up to go to Nonna and Pops' house for a bit.
  • I went to the dentist and Graham stayed busy running errands with Pops and even got to see Papaw.  Graham said that he wished Papaw could be back home so he could grow his garden.  Graham even had a chance to ride the bike for awhile.  He did fall and scrap his elbow and things went downhill from there.  I was back by then with Anderson (I had a dentist appointment).  Soon he was crying that his ear hurt and that continued most of the afternoon.  I had ear drops at home and eventually held him until he went to sleep.  He did perk up after a Sonic drink on the way home and hopefully will sleep well tonight.  I did make him an appointment for 8 in the morning-better safe than sorry.
  • Anderson had a good day at school and it was birthday bash so that also made for a good time.  Reagan also bounced out of school proudly wearing her Cat in the Hat hat that she made today at school.  She also said that she had eaten most of her lunch and then proceeded to finish it off on the way home.  And she even had a Dr. Seuss pencil from her teachers and she was so proud of it-the little things.
  • When we came home, Reagan pulled out her paper dolls and played with them.  She did offer one to Campbell for her to play with.  I pulled Keaton in the exersaucer into the room where they were and worked on my coupons.  Soon the boys were by our sides, playing with the princess paper dolls with the girls.  I found some on the internet that were boyish and have put them on their Christmas list.
  • Anderson was anxious though to go out and find his friends-"the boys" as he said.  They happened to be playing in our yard, with neighbor girl and another neighbor girl who lives in the narrow window house.  They all played outside while we raked leaves.  Eventually the boys went home-they don't live next door, just cousins.  The girl stayed around and even offered to help with the leaves.  I was able to get quite a bit of info out of her so it made for an interesting evening.  
  • When Reagan saw a big girl helping with the leaves, she was soon coming with her rake.  Before long, Campbell and Anderson had rakes too and all were helping.  As you can imagine, they were some help but not alot-oh, but I wish I had my camera nearby to capture that memory.  Graham was there too sitting on the tarp watching the action.  Every once in awhile he would get burst of energy and run crazy fast in his cowboy boots or shoot his dart gun at his brother.  
  • The fire was still a bit hot from yesterday and eventually our leaves caught on fire and it was a pretty big one.  They started smoking when we started putting them on there and of course the fire didn't catch until we were coming in.  Fires just look bigger at night but this one was really blazing.  This made the kids pretty wild seeing that but the leaves burned quick and soon it was out.  
  • We had supper and then they had a few chances to play before bed.  Everyone was pretty tired so maybe they will all sleep well.  And hopefully, Grahamers ear will be fine tonight!
  • Earlier today, Anderson saw me with my phone and asked to text Robby.  He has done this before lately and typed but today he made me type "love dad from Anderson, love him so much"  Robby replied back telling him that he loved him too and had his picture sitting on his desk and even sent a picture of it.  Anderson was amazed at this (even though he made the frame for Robby).  So tonight, they were raking leaves and Robby asked Anderson if he had gotten his text and Anderson said "yes, did you get my text?"-just like he was 15.

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