March 9, 2012

Kennedy comes to spend the night!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • So last night we had been seeing people making their brooms stand up by themselves.  We tried it last night and it worked and when Jason reminded me this morning I tried it again.  I told the kids that it was a magic broom and thought they would think it was really neat.  Reagan looked at it and said "It's not magic.  If it was magic it would sweep by itself"
  • We had our breakfast and then did some school.  We ended school with a bit of work while sitting on big blanket in the living room.  We might have even had a few cookies while on the blanket.  Then we ran around getting ready to drop off the boys.  But first they had to pack-actually, I had packed for them but they continuously added things to take.  They would even find things for each other..."Graham, do you want to take this?" "Anderson here is a truck for you?"
  • As they were getting ready, Anderson opened the closet door and saw the attic door move.  It does this when the laundry basket is not in front of it-the air pressure.  He had never seen this and immediately started asking who was in the attic.  I thought he was talking about a stranger but then he said "where's Graham?"  He was worried about Graham and Campbell.  I tried to explain why the door was moving like that and Anderson did it again and again to watch that door move slightly.  He then went inside of the closet and would open and close the door just to watch it.  
  • When we were in the car, Anderson asked again about when we were going to go on the fast road-autobahn.  I told him that it would be awhile but he really wants to go very soon.  The concept of going as fast as you can so intrigues him.  
  • We first dropped Graham off at Nonna's house and that boy was so excited.  And it just made things more exciting that Uncle Hank was cutting down a tree in the back yard.  As soon as he climbed out of the van, Campbell started asking "Kennedy?"  She knew Kennedy was coming over and just couldn't figure out when we were going to get her.  
  • Graham went to the tax guy to do Pops' and Papaw's taxes.  The appointment lasted 2 hours so Graham had himself a nap and then sipped on a coke.  Pops' said that he was a perfect little guy and then they went to Larry's for pizza.  He was able to buy 4 tootsie rolls and one other thing (I have forgotten).  Then they went to play with Uncle Jason for awhile.  
  • Next we dropped off Anderson and when we pulled up Cash ran outside.  Anderson climbed out of the van and those boys hugged like they had not seen each other in a few years.  Anderson spent the afternoon playing with Lilly and Cash.  Then Grannymom left and Anderson and Grandpa spent the evening together.  
  • Just the girls and I met Robby for lunch.  Man, it was so easy with just the girls-hmm, is it the boys or the number that sometimes makes things stressful?  Either way, I do miss my little guys.  Anyway, after lunch we had to stop at a Burger King at a gas station for Robby to do a little work (mystery shopping).  Reagan asked with a sigh "how many gas stations do we have to do today?"  She was recalling the day lately when we shopped 5 gas stations before going home.  Then she saw Robby's orange vest in the car and said "oh, Daddy forgot his vest!" 
  • We had taken the van to the shop so Robby dropped us off at home and then went back to work.  So I put Keaton and Campbell to bed (Keaton woke up within a few minutes).  Then Kennedy came over and Reagan and her have not stopped all evening.  Campbell is right beside them doing just what they do as well.
  • They played in the toy room until well past 5 and then made friendship bracelets and a cross.  Next up, we had supper and then they watched a movie.  Then we made cookies and somewhere in there we played Go Fish.  They are currently playing a bit while waiting on the cookies to cool.  Reagan has asked to stay up all night-um, I don't think so!

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