March 18, 2012

Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Church this morning and the kids watched a movie while eating their donuts and Anderson was so into the movie that he had probably a dozen of those tiny powdered sugar donuts.  Now tonight he was so into finishing that movie that he didn't even touch his sandwich.
  • They were all ready before me so Robby offered to take everyone so I could have a few minutes of quiet to get ready (and he possibly wanted a sonic drink!).  No one really seemed to notice that I wasn't there nor notice that I appeared a few minutes after they did.
  • I asked Campbell tonight what her favorite part of the day was and she said "me, church" and I asked who she played with and she said "Emory, Abigail, JJ and Lisa."  It was pretty hard to figure out who she had said but I knew she was naming names.  And when I would say who she said back she would just nod her head and squeal!
  • We had lunch at Nonna and Pops' house and the kids enjoyed playing and were a bit upset with me that I didn't bring their play clothes over to their house.  But as soon as we made it home, they dug their play clothes out of the dryer and headed outside.  Campbell did fine yesterday without a nap so I let her stay up again today-hope I didn't make a mistake and her get used to no naps.  
  • Grannymom came over to help a bit too and me and her ended up with a tick on us.  We did look the kids over but I am the one who now can not stop itching.  The kids did good outside but always do better when we have company over to play.  
  • We ended the night with a few catastrophes-well, that does make it sound worse.  Robby was mowing and threw a rock onto our kitchen door shattering it.  After a loud noise in the house, we can still hear it cracking.  It will probably fall apart in the middle of the night!  Then his huge puzzle that at one time was framed fell in the shed and that glass  broke.  That along with the cracked screen on my phone makes 3 and since bad things happen in 3s we are in the clear for a bit.  
  • I came in while the kids were on their tractor ride and made their supper and filled the bathtubs.  It didn't take too long for baths and supper-we are getting good at this outside thing.  Then they finally got to do airplane before bed.  Poor Campbell felt warm tonight but wasn't acting sickly but we did manage to get her drink some medicine anyway.

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