March 29, 2012

Butterfly hunters!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 

  • Graham was the first one up and he was ready to watch a movie this morning.  He didn't care at all about going to school or getting on his clothes-a movie was all that he could think about.  After an attitude readjustment, he changed his tune and finally was able to enjoy his breakfast while watching a movie.
  • The girls spent the day with Grannymom and Grandpa.  They walked down to Dana's house for a bit and made Easter bunnies.  Campbell was so proud of her bunny and showed it to everyone.  Keaton was a wiggly worm while at Grannymom's house and she continues to be one tonight.
  • The boys went to school.  They had a good day and even saw a beetle on the playground (it was small so it was a nice beetle-said Anderson).  And they went to chapel.  Graham said that the stage was so pretty.  I tried to explain The Kingdom to him and talk about how it was all from the Bible so true but that it really wasn't happening right now and happened long ago.
  • We came home and I fed the boys one of their favorite lunches-a muffin tin lunch-as many different things to fill up each of the 12 muffin tins for them.  It is pretty easy for me to throw stuff in there and they like the variety.  I was able to get a few things done and then the girls came home. 
  • Grannymom and Grandpa came over to plant a few plants and Campbell really enjoyed planting with them.  And we probably even found that elusive septic tank!  Thankfully, we didn't bust it!  After they left, everyone stayed outside and we worked until bedtime.
  • Reagan had already done 2 things from school at Grannymom's house and I made her do 3 more things outside (one of those being math).  She is so distracted always inside so just imagine how distracted she is outside.  But when I told her that she had to go ahead a finish so everyone could play in the water, she was done in minutes!
  • Anderson stayed busy helping Robby for a bit this afternoon.  He once asked if they were helping "the land" by raking leaves.  Then I remembered that they had talked about ways to help the planet in school today.  Both boys enjoyed using the big shovel to scoop up leaves and put in the piles.  And everyone enjoyed riding around on the trailer or on the tractor during the day.
  • I walked around the house and Campbell ran up to me saying "snake, snake" and I looked and saw the boys peering at something on the ground with sticks in hand.  Robby was nearby so I assumed that he a normally responsible adult wouldn't let his 2, 3, and 5 year old be that close to a snake and even poke it with a stick.  I assumed it must have been a worm.  I assumed wrong-it was a snake!  It was all twisted in a ball-possibly injured but a snake nonetheless.  
  • After the snake business, Reagan and I discovered a tree in the backyard that was full of butterflies.  It had at least 3 butterflies on it at all times.  She almost had a butterfly on her hand when Robby called me from the front of the house asking where I was!  Anyway, before long I saw all 4 kids running in the house and then coming out with their butterfly nets from a game.  I didn't think they would manage to catch one but again I was wrong.  Thankfully I was able to find Reagan's butterfly cage and they filled it with 3 butterflies. This kept everyone busy a long, long time.
  • My plants needed watering and my kids did too so I spread out a big tarp (still glass, rocks, nails and who knows what else in the yard).  They played with the hose and had a blast spraying each other, sliding and splashing.  The water was ice cold and the sun was going down so ti was a bit chilly.  By the end of the water festivities, Campbell's lips were a little bit blue!
  • Everyone then came in, dried off and put on pajamas.  We had supper and I went back out to help Robby finish up.  They watched a movie and Graham fell asleep for a few minutes before I woke him up.  We all brushed teeth and did our East egg-tonight we opened money.  Campbell was so excited because she opened it and even shouted "money!"

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