March 23, 2012

Family time...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Sometime in the middle of the night Graham joined us and I really only know that because when Keaton woke at up 5, I had to move Graham over so I could squeeze Keaton beside me so she could have her bottle.  Robby only knew that Graham was in the bed with us when he rolled over on him once!  That Graham really shouldn't be sleeping in our bed but he sure is the cuddliest thing ever.
  • Campbell almost ended up in our bed too last night.  Pretty late in the evening I heard her on the monitor saying "ReaRea?"  I went up there and she looked at me and said "my ear hurts."  I just snatched her out of that bed and she came downstairs with me for a bit.  She does have a cold but no fever and since she never said anything about it again today I didn't take her to the doctor.  Anyway, she cuddled with me and then Robby, had a sip of his drink, let us put ear drops in her ears and even asked to go back to bed.  
  • Oh and yesterday Campbell saw me unhemming one of her summer dresses.  Then she saw me hanging it up after getting it out of the dryer and she said "Momma, my dress all better?"  I was so impressed by that-she realized something was wrong with her dress, I fixed it and now it was better.  When she isn't yelling or throwing her fits, I just love that little thing to death!
  • Campbell and Reagan slept until 8 but the boys were ready to watch a movie at 6:30.  I thought I would do something for breakfast and make waffles for them.  They ate them and really seemed to enjoy them though I wasn't too impressed with them.  The kids probably just liked them because of all of the syrup on theirs.  
  • After breakfast, we had a bit of school and then I went upstairs to work on the big winter to summer clothes change over.  Reagan followed with her math pages and managed to finish them up while playing with the boys.  I was able to finish Anderson and Graham's clothes and have already done Keaton and Campbells.  That just leaves Reagan's clothes which will be the most difficult.  She would love to help me but I will try to do it when she isn't around because she would want to look, touch and try on everything that I pulled out of the box.  
  • Lately, I feel like I can't get anything much done inside of the house and feel like things are just crazy around here.  Then I remember that things really are crazy around here.  Today, their was a delivery from the lumber company, our shower floor was delivered, a dumpster was delivered, the glass from our back door was replaced, the roofing guys finished and hauled their trailer away.  No wonder I can't get anything done inside-I am too busy watching what every one is doing outside!
  • We had lunch and then they all played with legos for awhile.  Soon Kennedy came over to play while the rest of her family went to a movie.  They all played outside for a bit and then moved inside to eat the snack that Kennedy brought for everyone.  She brought M&Ms for all.  Reagan doesn't like M&Ms (weirdo) but she was so polite and held her packaged proudly and then whispered in my ear if I had any other candy for her.  I did and she was pleased and all of the candy was eaten!
  • Soon Reagan went home with Reagan and we were dropping Graham off at Grannymom's house to spend the night.  This time change has really thrown us-since it was still light we felt like it was earlier and by the time we made it to Grannymom's house it was almost 8.  The initial plan was to go to Home Depot and look around, that plan was scraped and we were going to go out to eat but that plan was also changed and we went to Walmart.  We spent quite a bit more money at Walmart than we would have out to eat but Anderson and Campbell were happy-we bought them cheese sticks and they also picked out their own package of popsicles.  And we now rank pretty high with them because we let them eat two cheese sticks and then two popsicles.  We are cool like that!  Ha!
  • Then Campbell went to bed (Keaton was still asleep from the car ride) and Anderson watched Robby spray some poison ivy spray and then watched a movie.  He even managed to get Robby to watch the last movie with him.  He went to bed pretty easily since it was nearly 11!

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