March 22, 2012

Will my face get stuck like this?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Robby had to get up and get out of the house on his work from home day to go to jury duty orientation.  That left the rest of us home and still lounging around at 8.  I had planned on doing some school before we left to go to Grannymom's house at 9:30.  Reagan did read a few of her work in the car on the way to Grannymom's house though.
  • I dropped everyone off and Campbell did not want for me to leave at all but when it was time for us to go home she didn't want to leave Grannymoms.  My Campbell has become quite the fit thrower.  Graham is pretty good at it but she trumps him on the fits.  It is not just the fit, it is the screaming.  Man, does that mean that Keaton will throw fits even worse than Graham and Campbell?
  • They played outside and even walked to Lilly and Cash's house to jump on their trampoline.  Of course this was made more challenging by Graham not having any shoes to wear.  He did have a pair of cowboy boots but since they fell apart, he was left with a pair of flip flops that he can't walk in or a pair of pink clogs that he chose to shuffle down the street wearing.
  • Keaton does have a runny nose and occasionally yucky eyes along with a bit of a cough.  She does act fine and since she hasn't really had trouble sleeping nor been too fussy, I think it is just a cold.  Campbell continues to be pretty snotty but her eyes are a bit better.  At least they aren't swollen practically shut like yesterday.  Anderson now also has a runny nose and Reagan has felt very warm the last two nights.  Despite all of that, everyone is still their happy selves (well, as happy as they get).
  • Back at home, Campbell slept as well as one can when there are roofers above your head.  Funny because today the kids payed no attention to the roofers.  In the past they have always enjoyed watching the roofers but not today.  Probably because they have just seen the framers build the addition and that is pretty impressive to see.  
  • We had supper outside at the picnic table and Keaton enjoyed eating her cereal but I think she really, really wanted some of our pizza.  Then everyone had multiple turns on the swing and then we came in since it was getting dark.  We had planned on cutting the boys hair but Robby and I both conveniently forgot since it was nearing bedtime and we have had a later than usual bedtime every day this week.

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