January 10, 2013

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  • Robby was on the phone this morning before I even knew what was going on-calling a tow for our flat, flat tire.  Yes, he could have changed it but since we pay a whooping yearly fee for AAA we decided that we should use it.  First the repair man came and said "since you have towing service just have AAA call us back to tow it."  So that is what we did.  
  • So there was lots of excitement going on while trying to get Graham ready for school.  So much excitement that everyone absentmindedly put on their clothes.  Robby offered for Campbell to ride with him to take Graham to school so she jumped at the chance.  That girl is going to love going to preschool next year.  I miss my Graham and he his gone 3 mornings a week so I am glad that she will only be gone 2 mornings a week.  It will be good though because I will have my hands full with 3 in real home school.  I'm afraid my Grahammer will be a pretty big challenge!
  • Pretty much as soon as Robby, Graham and Campbell left, the rest of us headed to the school room.  We knocked out school fairly quickly with no meltdowns and little drama.  Though when Keaton did fall off a desk, there was quite a bit of drama.  Not so much from Keaton who only cried for a minutes but Reagan, Anderson and Campbell were just beside themselves.  
  • Reagan finished her work first and then asked if she could go and read.  Of course I told her no and to go and play games on the ipad.  Kidding, I said yes and she read for a long, long time.  This is a new development around here and a pretty exciting new thing.  Hopefully, that will rub off on Anderson some or me or Robby.  Though I am really enjoying reading on my new kindle-but since I do that at night, the kids never see that.
  • After our school, Robby and I dropped off the kids and then picked up the red van.  I drove it around for a few errands-Target and Kroger.  Surprising how much money I can spend when I just walk into the grocery store for deodorant and some milk.  Then I picked up the others from Grannymom's house.  Keaton was out on the swing with Grannymom and the big 3 were silently playing in Grannymom's toy room when I walked in. 
  • As we were on Grannymom's back deck, Campbell jumped and said "I saw a dog."  We didn't see a dog. Grandpa and I did not believe her at all-was it a squirrel? was it a cat? what color was it?  I even went to check but didn't see anything.  Grannymom did believe that child and sure enough as we were leaving the neighborhood, Campbell said "there's the dog" and walking by a house was a brown dog just like she had said.
  • Pops had picked up Graham.  Graham had a big day at school-ate chicken and rice soup and begged me to buy some.  Told me that it was from Walmart or maybe Sams but he didn't think Kroger had any.  At Nonna's house, he devoured her banana bread and even managed to get some to bring home.  This afternoon, he told me that bread was to take to Dallas so I put it in the snack box to eat there (bummer for me though because it was going to be my evening snack).
  • Since Graham was the first home he spent the most time riding his scooter and the others joined him when they came home.  As Graham was flying by me on his scooter, he shouted "Mom, I don't feel good."  I just nodded and said sorry since he sure looked like he felt wonderful.
  • Even though it was coldish outside, the kids were stinky when they came in.  So after supper, they all had showers-the boys even got their hair trimmed.  Then the shower procedures began.  Poor Anderson was the first one to get into the little shower and ended up being in there a very, very long time.  I don' t think he minded though.  
  • Oh yes, at supper a tiny frog had jumped and stuck onto our kitchen door.  Robby noticed it and told the kids.  They all got up to see so after supper, I put Keaton down and had them point the frog out to her.  Later Campbell was nearby talking to Keaton saying "don't worry, I'm here.  The frog won't get you.  He will stay until we are back from Dallas."  
  • After supper, they packed a few little toys for the trip and then had a few minutes on the ipad and our phones.  Then it was bedtime.  Robby went upstairs after being called and said that Reagan and the others are all wide awake.  Reagan though had been thinking-she would like her own room, wants a silver case for her kindle that she is saving for, would like a thing near her bed like at the dentist office to dispense water and would also like a cracker dispenser near her bed.