January 20, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham made it to 1:30ish this morning in his new top bunk spot.  And no telling how long he had been in bed with us-1:30 is just when Robby noticed that he was there.  Robby reached his hand over me to try to see who it was and then asked and I replied "Graham."  But I was back asleep before realizing that Robby left for the couch so I never moved over to his side of the bed until 4 when I briefly woke up.
  • About 7:05, Anderson joined us in bed and after a few minutes Graham disappeared.  When I went upstairs to start the Sunday morning clothing ritual, Graham was laying back in his bed.  He sat up and looked at me and said "I stayed in bed all night long."  No we didn't believe him at all-that little booger has started coming up with some interesting stories.
  • Everyone was dressed for church and then it was time for breakfast.  I had to coach Robby in how to make cinnamon toast for Graham-that is his new breakfast obsession. Then it was a shower for me and Keaton.  She has started soaking her pajamas every night.  So it was either a shower or lots of baby lotion.
  • We opted for two cars today since I had nursery duty and Robby would have had 3 coughers in church by himself.  If I had been there then one of us could have taken a cougher out but he couldn't do that by himself.  So after Sunday school they all headed home for a few minutes.  I do think that Reagan was a little more excited than she should have been about getting skip big church!
  • They came home, changed clothes and played outside while Robby worked on cleaning out the big van.  That van is so big that it can become a mess really quickly if we don't stay on top of it.  I had nursery duty in Keaton's class and that little stinker is a jealous little girl.  If I was holding someone then she wanted to also be in my lap.  She is going to have a rude awakening in about 75 days-yes, 75 days.  Eeek, I have quite a list to accomplish in 75 days!
  • We all met back up at Nonna and Pops house for lunch.  The kids ate well and enjoyed getting to go outside and play.  By the time we made it home, Keaton was asleep and continued her afternoon nap in her bed.  Reagan, Anderson and Graham played outside for about 10 minutes and then came inside.
  • They all migrated upstairs and Robby and I migrated to the other upstairs.  Campbell was with us and was about to fall asleep when the others came in.  The boys were intrigued with the "girl basketball" on tv.  I told everyone they could go and watch a movie so all 4 went downstairs.  My alarm sounded on my phone and I started stirring.
  • Once downstairs, I saw the big 3 sitting in the spots in my room watching tv.  Anderson laying on my side of the bed under the covers, Reagan sits on the corner of the bed and Graham sits at the foot of my bed.  They are very, very specific about where they sit-it is almost comical.  Now, Campbell had a pillow for her and one for "Reagan's American doll" as she calls her and they were both snoozing.
  • Robby took the big 3 to choir and went to a meeting by himself.  We were still a bit concerned about all of the coughing going on so we opted to skip church.  So I loaded up Campbell and Keaton and we did a bit of pre-grocery shopping shopping.  Ha!  I had coupons to use before the new sales and my plan is to go Thursday and buy real food-like for a weekly menu.  We will see if that menu gets planned.  
  • If you have ever seen the show "Supermarket Sweeps" then you can imagine what I looked like in the store.  I had so much that Campbell who was sitting in the back of the cart was almost covered up.  She held a package of crackers the entire time that I had brought for them and constantly asked when they could eat them.  I was waiting for a crisis but that never happened so we ate them on the way home.
  • We were home and unloaded before the others made it back.  I made some grilled cheese and then we had our ice cream truck-this was our first ice cream truck night since the power had gone off so the choices were pretty limited.  After this, Robby and I ended cleaning out/organizing the deep freeze.  During the storm, all of our other freezer items had been just dumped in there and it had become a mess.
  • While we were doing this Keaton sat buckled in the wagon playing with the hula hoop, Campbell was on the other side of the house door saying "knock knock Keaton."  And the others had their ipad time for the evening.  We have started limiting them to only playing together in the evenings for 20 minutes and that is all.  It doesn't take much for my crew to become obsessed with things.
  • Soon it was bedtime and we are giving everyone another chance at sleeping in their new spots (Campbell and Graham on top bunks, Reagan still in her lower bunk and Anderson now down low-of course he did fall out of bed last night but vehemently denied it this morning).