January 30, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Another day and another morning that we hear Campbell waking up the other crew.  They were all down in our room a few minutes later and they were all trying to climb on our bed.  I did the right thing and got out of the bed-to get in the floor.  Soon I had 4 kids laying by me-seriously, they follow me everywhere!
  • Wednesdays are the day that we are all home all day.  It is crazier but I miss my Grahammer when he is gone.  So for school today, I was expecting the worse!  But I was crazy surprised that today was fairly calm.  Well, as calm as school with 5 kids in one room for 2+ hours can ever be-and that includes Keaton who is on her screaming streak.
  • Anderson breezed through his phonics, Reagan didn't bat an eye at correcting her math, Campbell and Keaton were content sitting in their chairs and coloring and Graham did his phonics work and even started on our reading book.  He thought he was so big doing this reading book.  The first lesson consist of making the 'm' and 's' sounds and saying words slowly.  Anderson only has 20 more lessons before he finishes that book.
  • We were even finished with school in time to make fingerprint groundhogs and then I started cooking some.  And Anderson had everyone watch a new show that we tapes-The Price is Right.  Ha!  He has seen it at Grandpa's house and occasionally sees it for a few seconds when we turn on his math video.  He asked me to start taping it so they all gleefully watched it before lunch.
  • After eating lunch, it was time for me to cook some more for bunko tomorrow-the kids played while Keaton napped.  Then it was time to load up to go and see Beebee.  
  • She was in a fine mood today-even taught the kids a few new words!  After our visit, we headed to the library.  That went a bit better today than last week.  I only let everyone pick out 1 book but that really ended with 2 books.  How can I tell them they can't get one (though I have been pretty lousy at reading their library books lately)
  • Next up was meeting Robby for supper.  Fine dining at McDonalds-even spilled our drink.  Seriously, we probably shouldn't expect a 4 year old to successfully pass a drink across a table to a 3 year old.  After our supper, we headed to church.
  • Anderson's class spent their Awana bucks tonight and Anderson came home with some huge toy.  So he was on cloud 9.  I did ask his teacher if he was good tonight and she said "well, they were all wild, like they had been drinking mountain dew."  I asked if we needed to have a talk with Anderson and she said no.  I don't like hearing that but I guess boys will be boys-and we might just start making a few surprise visits to Anderson's classes.  
  • Back at home, everyone had a snack and then it was bedtime.  Hopefully, everyone will sleep well!