January 25, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Graham joined us in bed sometime around 5 and Campbell was there at 7.  I really don't understand how Campbell manages to only come down at 7 (like the Dennie rules clearly state).  She doesn't really know any numbers so looking at the clock isn't how she figures it out.  
  • Even though they were both in bed with us, we all still slept until 7:40ish.  That was quite wonderful but then we had to get a move on.  I fed the kids as Robby left for work.  Then I quickly straightened downstairs and ushered everyone upstairs to change their clothes and briefly straight up the upstairs.
  • Keaton was left downstairs while we all went up and she was not too happy about that.  Graham was the first one finished so I had him go down to cheer up his sister.  He did a really good job at it-when I came down he showed me all of the silly things that he did for his sister.  
  • Then I had everyone watch a movie (otherwise known as-leave me alone for a few minutes and not mess anything up).  It was 9:15 and I was just getting in to the shower.  I moved quick, dressed Keaton and pulled out a few more things for the big party.
  • At 10, our guests started arriving: Alyssa Kate, Caroline, Charlotte, Joe, Kennedy, Ethan, Brody, Noah, Eden and Lilly.  Today was our big 100th day of school party.  I really don't remember having a 100th day of school party growing up but we sure had one today!
  • I had set up 11 stations for the kids to rotate through.  They included 1: making a tower with 100 legos, 2: stacking 100 pennies, 3: stacking 100 cups, 4: putting sticks with numbers on them in order 1-100, 5: rolling a dice until you made it too 100, 6: working some of a 100 piece puzzle, 7: putting 100 dots of paint on a paper, 8: using 100 stickers on a piece of paper, 9: dropping 100 drops of water in a cup, 10: writing what you would do with 100 dollars, and finally 11: making a snack mix with 10 each of 10 different snacks.  
  • We had quite a few groups rotating around to the different stations: 1. Reagan, Alyssa Kate and Kennedy, 2. Noah and Ethan, 3. Anderson and Graham, 4. Brody and Campbell and 5. Eden and Caroline.  I was quite impressed with my boys doing every single station.  They really stuck with it.  Campbell did really well too and would have done better if I could have stayed with her more.  But she was most interested in making (and eating) the snack mix.  
  • The big girl group meticulously did each station but ran out of time before finishing the last 3.  They did want to work on their snack mix after lunch so they quickly bagged them up so they could keep playing with the others.  We then had lunch-I had drinks and sandwiches (100 little ones, I might add).  And the others had all brought food as well to share.  
  • After lunch, the kids played upstairs until we pulled out the brownies (numbered 1-100, yep, I am a dork like that).  Then we all ventured outside.  This is when the party really started.  Robby had found a New Years sale and came home with quite a few cans of silly string.  Enough cans that each kid had one and now just imagine what color our grass (dirt) is!  The kids had a blast with that stuff and then when you throw in a few air horns and blowy horns-the kids at Lawson Elementary could probably hear us. 
  • Once all of the silly string was empty, the kids started playing on the swings, little house and of course the boys headed to the woods.  What is it with boys, woods and sticks?  Around 2, everyone started to leave and my crew stayed outside for a few minutes.  
  • Soon Anderson was coming inside because he needed to pack.  Pops was one his way over to pick him up so he could spend the night (and play with those G.I. Joe toys).  Anderson was so excited that as we went upstairs to pack, he said "I don't even know what to pack."  I helped him out and then he asked if he could take some toys as well.
  • After Pops and Nonna left with him, I finished putting everything up in the house and then managed to fold a few loads of laundry before crashing on the couch as the kids watched a few movies.  Having a party is tough!  I finally had to wake Keaton up at 5, party having is tough on 1 year olds too.
  • Soon Robby was home and we all headed to Chick Fil A for supper.  The kids played while we ordered and then dutifully came to eat when the food arrived.  Then back to play but the moment their ice cream hit the table they were back in their seats.  Anderson was on the other side of town eating at Larrys and earning lots of tickets.
  • Back at home, Keaton went to bed while Robby let the others watch a movie.  Graham and Campbell were so tired that they couldn't watch the movie but only wanted to be with us.  When bedtime rolled around they were all quiet as they could be-rare occurrence around here lately!