January 14, 2013

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  • I will begin my blog with how our evening ended last night.  Campbell never made it to her room and was sent straight to our bed to go to sleep.  I would sleep with Campbell and Robby would sleep in the bonus room (some how I think that Robby got off easy-since I was sleeping by coughy Campbell, with coughy Keaton in the room nearby and was also responsible for everyone else since I had the monitor). 
  • Anyway, back to the story-Robby and I sat up for awhile and then started to get ready for bed.  I was in the closet putting on my pjs and Robby was brushing his teeth.  He made an odd noise and I just assumed that he had realized he was brushing with my toothbrush-but that was not what it was.  Right by his sink-where he had lowered his head to spit out his toothpaste-was a bat laying there.  Yes, a bat!  And yes the house is now for sale!  
  • He quickly left the room and I quickly shut every door nearby.  Robby returned with his work gloves, a screwdriver, a washcloth and two trash bags.  Not sure why he had all of these items but that is what he chose.  I did my part by hiding behind the closet door where I could watch the action but also quickly slam the door to keep myself safe.  
  • Robby threw the washcloth over the bat and then its wings started moving.  He jumped back and I asked what I could do to help.  He snapped at me "I don't know-I've never done this before."  By the time Robby had managed to scoop the massive creature into both of the two trashbags, I was packing up boxes for our big move to a new house!  
  • Now to be clear, we have sinced learned that bats are endangered and it is illegal to kill them (except when they are found in a house owned by Dennies) and Robby did not kill the bat.  He just disposed of the bag.  So why was the bat in our house-dear me, I don't know.  I hope (and pray) that the bat came into the house with some of our Ikea boxes that had been sitting in the warehouse.  
  • So after the bat removal was over and the bathroom was given a complete bleaching, we then headed to our separate beds.  As I read my book on the kindle, I listened to Campbell cough and listened for any of the bats buddies while trying not to think about the incident.  Robby, on the other hand, read all about bats before falling asleep.  
  • And yes, this morning I checked the shower before getting in it.  Later in the day I heard a clicking sound like that creature made and almost wet myself until I realized it was the zipper from my coat banging on the counter.  Tonight, I also heard a squeaking sound and made Graham walk with me (actually in front of me) to listen-Robby caught us quietly listening and had a good laugh at me hearing the squeaks from the kids playing upstairs.
  • Anyway, back to the night.  Campbell coughed quite a bit until midnight when I finished reading.  Then I went to sleep and didn't hear her anymore so I assume she slept fairly well.  I did hear Keaton coughing as well.  When we woke up, Campbell still had a bit of fever so we gambled and decided to get a doctors appointment for both girls.
  • It didn't take too long for the kids to all get ready for school.  And soon we were loading up and goodness, it was crazy cold this morning.  Everyone's teeth were chattering as we loaded up-the van had been sitting outside since after driving on the new road (oil) we are having to stay off of the concrete for about a week so as not to get tire tracks on it.  
  • I called and made appointments for Keaton and Campbell before dropping them off at Nonna's house, then dropped off Graham in his class and circled around the building to drop off Reagan and Anderson.  I then headed home for about an hour of quick cleaning-and yes, I did take the last pictures of the house (trying to take pictures of the house near the first of the year).  My intent was to take pictures all around the house but it was too cold for that.  
  • Next up was Keaton and Campbell's doctor's appointment.  I was pretty sure that they were going to just have colds but was completely wrong-two little ones with RSV and 4 ears infected.  Keaton was not pleased with the nurse and even less pleased with Dr. Martin.  Campbell said nothing to Martin but told me before to tell her about her cough.  Now Campbell did try her best to calm Keaton down as we were having to hold her down so Martin could look in her ears.
  • Pops had picked up Graham and a pizza and we headed that way after picking up the girls' medicines.   Of course there was a problem with the medicine and insurance so we had to wait for awhile.  Keaton did really well in the store but enjoyed leaning her head down to watch the floor roll by-I kept trying to stop her because it just looked weird.
  • Back at Nonna's house, we ate and the kids played for a few minutes before we headed home.  On the way home, Graham was sitting near the front of the van and told me that he didn't like the "junky house" that we had just driven past.  Campbell shouted from the back "I like jumpy houses."  Graham tried to explain what "junky" meant but Campbell continued with how she liked jumping at Dana's house.  Finally, I had to tell Graham that maybe Campbell couldn't hear well because of her ears or because she was so far back in the van.  Either way, by the time we made it home, Graham shouted at Campbell "Our house is not JUNKY."  
  • I doped up the girls and sent them to bed for a nap and Graham stayed close by me and played with his marble track.  It wasn't too long after that Robby picked up Reagan and Anderson.  They stopped for sonic drinks and Robby text asking what to get Graham.  I didn't see his text but Robby later text that Reagan was adamant that Graham wanted lime instead of his usual orange and that is what he bought.  I started talking up a lime slushy to Graham just in case he really wanted an orange one.  He stopped me and said "I told Reagan to tell Daddy to get me a lime one."  
  • Graham wanted to play outside when the others made it home, but it was too cold.  So they played upstairs and some of them helped Robby work on another Ikea assembly project.  Then it was supper time followed by showers for the little girls.  Soon it was bedtime and we again doctored everyone up, gambled and put Campbell in her bed and then had supper ourselves.  Crossing our fingers that there are no more creatures to find tonight!