January 22, 2013

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  • Robby and I both kept waking up last night-I guess we were waiting on Graham to come and join us but he never came.  That child slept all night long.  After yesterday afternoon, he has never complained about his ears again or even slowed down so that is wonderful.  Though tomorrow is the girls last day of medicine and he might just be given a swig or two of the leftover.
  • Robby took Graham to school and then headed to work himself.  I jumped in the shower and before too long we had started school.  The kids were all sitting at their desks working on their boxes.  The room was silent and I didn't even have to prompt anyone to do their work.  It was a peaceful and productive school day.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  Nothing like that happened-nothing like that really ever happens!  I am going to keep working at it until I do figure out what will work.    
  • Reagan finished her work around 11 and that was even after I gave her other things to do (pick up this, refill your work boxes, yada, yada).   Anderson finished his work around 1-of course he had to take time out for our science reading and for lunch which made it even later.  I am at a loss of what to do with him-if he is working he can finish everything quickly so I know nothing is too hard for her.  Sitting alone or even in the same room as me, he still manages to find something to play with or stare at.  Now he still did all of his work-reading 2 pages of sight words, 3 pages of math, 2 pages of phonics, a section of his reading book, 2 pages of handwriting, reviewing his Awana verses and a 100 day dice tally sheet along with listening to history, geography and science.  So I guess finishing at 1 is pretty good when you don't start until 9.  
  • After lunch, the kids all played upstairs while I worked on organizing the kids bathroom and moving my Easter decorations to a new spot-the baby nesting has begun.  I am still working my way through cleaning out every drawer, closet, nook and cranny of the house before the baby arrives.  I am probably way over half way finished but still have lots of difficult things left-pantry, hall closet, kitchen, oh my!
  • Soon Keaton and Campbell took their naps and before too long I was already having to wake them up-my afternoons fly by.  Anderson begged me to go outside and play basketball with him and I told him I would until someone's score was 10.  And as soon as we hit 10, I scurried back inside-it was cold out there.  Reagan and Campbell came out quickly-Reagan was wearing her pajamas and coats and Campbell insisted on wearing her crocs without socks-at least she had on a coat!
  • Robby and Graham eventually made it home.  Graham had spent the afternoon at Grannymom's house.  He finished his clay project and even came home with the news that Grannymom was going to by him a real bird and a cage for his birthday.  I explained that would be wonderful and he could see it each and every time he visited Grannymom's house.
  • We had the grand supper of hot dogs, baked beans and edamame.  Anderson had helped me make pudding this afternoon.  He wanted vanilla and all I had was french vanilla but we made it anyway.  The kids ate well and most even ate the pudding-Keaton would have one bite, shake her head and then ask for more.  She didn't know if she liked it or not.  
  • Next up was shower time for everyone-Campbell and Keaton were in the big shower first while Anderson was in the little shower.  Reagan then took Anderson's spot and Graham took Campbell and Keaton's spot.  We have ourselves quite a shower routine!  After a bit more play time it was bedtime for the crew.