January 24, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Robby and Campbell took Graham to school this morning and I quickly had my shower and then we started school.  I had made Reagan and Anderson's breakfast and they ate at their school desks and even woke Keaton up when we all barged in the school room to get started for the day.  
  • Of course, she thought we were all coming to see her.  And since I had in my hands her clothes, milk and breakfast she was tickled to see me.  While Reagan and Anderson worked and Keaton ate in her high chair which was moved to the school room, I worked like a mad lady getting things ready for next week (I do that every Thursday), picking up the school room, helping Reagan and Anderson and filing their completed work away.  I was in such a rush because I knew that Robby would soon be home with Campbell.
  • I knew that Robby had a few errands before they arrived home but I was surprised when he arrived without Campbell.  He was near Grannymom's house so he just dropped off Campbell.  We did pretty well zooming through school.  Though Keaton was at a loss with what to do without her buddy there.  So Keaton would just climb on top of Campbell's desk and set there or she would escape out of the room to sneak a drink from Robby working in his office.
  • Around lunch time, I put Keaton in the car and rounded up the others.  Robby was heading out to do a little burning.  He bought himself a flame thrower (he says that is not what it is though) and was able to get a few things burnt.  Pops picked Graham up from school and Graham had the best time playing with the G.I. Joes.  
  • Anderson has only heard about these G.I. Joes so he is anxious to get to Nonna's house to see them.  He did remember to ask Grannymom about his daddy's army men and did play with him for a bit.  Of course that was the same time that I arrived after my speed shopping at Kroger and my hunt for a few items at Walmart.  
  • Back at home, we checked Robby's burn pile progress and the kids played outside some.  The neighbor dog was out and even though it was on the other side of the fire and sitting quietly, it scared the mess out of Campbell.  I had to calm her down for awhile before she would venture back outside.  They all played out there for a long time despite the cold.  
  • I worked in the kitchen and got a few things ready for tomorrow's 100 day party.  Then it was supper time and an outing for the big 4.  They finally got to cash in their stars from their star chart with doughnuts with Dad.  
  • Krispy Kreme was the choice location and Reagan and Anderson even had their own drinks because they didn't lose any stars.  Everyone had their fill on doughnuts and were pretty pleased with themselves.  They were all so excited about bringing us home doughnuts and bringing Keaton a hat home.  
  • Keaton and I worked some more on the party-actually she spent most of her time putting two of my spice bottles in and out of a basket.  She was content so I let her play away-thankfully the jars didn't break.  Maybe next time I should make sure that the jars she is playing with are filled with good smelling spices (like cinnamon) in case they do break.  
  • Once the others made it home, they all went to bed.  My Graham is having a hard time getting to sleep tonight-actually is laying in the toy room right now.  We will see if that lasts!  (Well, it was short lived plus I helped convince him to go back to his bed where it would be warmer and I think he is finally asleep!)