January 28, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • I guess we are really going to have to start setting our alarm clock.  It didn't matter that Graham climbed in bed with us at 4 because we were still sound asleep when we heard Campbell coming down.  She moved the stool, climbed up to the fridge to get her milk, then walked down our hall, opened our door and tried to climb in bed with us.  But by that time, we were already starting to scurry around.
  • By the time I made it upstairs after my shower, Robby had most of the kids dressed.  I took over from there while he got himself ready.  Then the kids headed to the car as I grabbed breakfast for everyone, changed Keaton and rounded up backpacks and lunchboxes.  I have no idea how people can manage to get their children to school on time every single day.  They probably have to wake up a few minutes earlier than we do!  Another good reason to homeschool!  
  • We were in the car on time and had a pretty uneventful ride.  Well, there was quite a bit of mud on the road that we drove through.  It was enough mud that the kids could tell we were driving over something and all turned around to see the mud.  This meant that the bottom half of my little (ha!) white van was now brown and muddy.
  • We dropped off Keaton and Campbell and they were pretty pleased to be with Pops and Nonna.  Then we all dropped off Graham and he seems to enjoy school.  Next up was dropping off Reagan and Anderson.  I reminded Anderson about doing the right thing at school and he said "I'm not going to do that again."  I hope he was talking about not repeating his behavior from last night.  
  • After those 3 stops, I scurried home to do some work-straightened the house, organized 2 cabinets in the kitchen, put up some laundry (previously folded by Robby), organized an attic and that was about it.  Not bad for less than 2 hours at home.  
  • Next up was picking Graham up from school.  He had a big day and even brought home some leftover snack-that is big time stuff.  Then we ate lunch at Nonna and Pops house.  Keaton ate her weight in vienna sausages, Campbell devoured the chips and Graham was too busy thinking about playing with those G.I. Joes to eat.  
  • After a bit, we headed home and the kids didn't make it into the house.  The weather was so beautiful that they played outside.  Keaton is so funny, she loves the basketballs and will chase them all over the  driveway.  But it was her bedtime so she didn't get to stay out for too long.  
  • I stayed out with the others because the huge branch hanging over the house/power line in the back yard had fallen and was leaning up over the power line.  Pretty odd because the branch was standing straight up with only a tiny branch on that power line.  Anyway, I know they wouldn't go in the back but just to be safe, I sat in the garage and did some couponing.
  • Graham and Campbell watched about 10 minutes of a movie, worked with me building a train lego track, played Anderson's race car game and watched me clean a cabinet.  Then Robby and Anderson made it home.  Reagan was spending the afternoon with a friend and had a blast.  
  • Soon the boys were all outside playing basketball.  I think they have improved a bit-Robby is trying to teach them about keeping the ball in bounds, passing and not fouling.  The last one is the hardest-if someone else has the ball, they usually just push them and get the ball.  Soon Campbell and Keaton came out as well.  The balls would roll down the driveway and down deep into the yard.  Poor Keaton would go and get the balls and then carry them back-even though they are as big as she is.  She walked at least 2 miles in baby steps.
  • Then we loaded up and Robby dropped me and Campbell off at Kroger.  I had a few coupons that needed to be used before the new sales.  Campbell was supposed to stay with Robby but said that she had to potty so she came with me.  And no I didn't take her to the potty-I had some serious speed shopping to do while Robby was in the drive through line across the street at Arbys.  (Plus, she did really have to potty after all.)
  • We marked off everything on our list and checked out (saving 56%) just as Robby arrived with the food (long line across the street).  Then we ate in the car as we ran to grab some ice cream.  We went to Orange Leaf and the kids loved picking out their toppings.  
  • Next up was driving to Bryant to pick up Reagan.  I think she would have been happy to stay there longer-they played in the creek, swang, sang songs from choir, played with Kate's cars.  After we picked her up, we went home to feed her supper (no Arbys or Orange Leaf for her) but she was on cloud 9 and didn't mind a bit.
  • We tucked everyone in and made sure that Anderson (our bed fall-er out-er was on the other side of the bed).  Imagine how much it can scare a person when that child falls out of bed right over your head.  Last night we both ducked like the ceiling was crashing down on us!