January 21, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • We were about to get out of bed this morning as Campbell joined us in bed.  So of course we couldn't just leave her in there all alone.  After awhile we did get moving and had to really start moving.  
  • Graham was out of school for MLK day so he was able to go to Nonna and Pops' house.  Keaton hadn't had breakfast at our house so the first order of business over there was her breakfast.  Soon Jason came over to play with some of his old GI Joe with Graham.  This was the best thing ever to Graham and he had a blast.  They also played outside for awhile.  
  • I took Reagan and Anderson to school after dropping off the others.  They had a big day-Anderson's teacher wasn't there so he had a sub.  Anderson told me that they did things "in a way different order" than usual.  For Anderson's show and tell he took his monster trucks and talked about the Monster Jam.  And for Reagan's oral report, she talked about how she was saving her money to buy a kindle. 
  • I worked at home this morning and then went to join the others for lunch at Nonna's house.  I asked where Pops was and Jason said he was eating with his friend, Sam.  Graham quickly asked "Uncle Sam?"  They had been watching the inauguration so Graham had seen many stars and stripes this morning so Uncle Sam was probably a logical choice. 
  • After lunch, Graham started holding his ears and our day went from really good to really bad.  He fussed most of the way home and calmed a bit with some ear drops.  I quickly put Keaton and Campbell in bed for their naps.  After fussing for awhile, Graham finally went to sleep in my lap.  He slept really well until I had to lay him down to go to the bathroom.  Then he was awake in a flash and fussing again.  No, there were no more doctors appointments today so we will see how the night goes.
  • By the time that Robby came home with Reagan and Anderson, Graham was feeling lots better.  He even played basketball for a bit with Robby and Anderson.  Campbell and Keaton helped me make some soup for supper and before too long, it was supper time.
  • The kids played on the ipad for a bit and even had time to watch one movie before bed.  I hope that Graham sleeps well tonight (not betting on it though).  But right now, it sounds like everyone is sleeping soundly except my Reagan who is coughing some.