January 2, 2013

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  • This was a sad day for Robby-he had to go back to work!  By the time he left, Campbell and Graham were in bed with me.  He did stop and lay with them for a few minutes before heading to work.  Soon everyone but Reagan was up-she slept until around 10.  She must think she is a teenager.
  • We had breakfast (all except Reagan) and then I started to work in the school room closet.  Graham, Campbell and Keaton stayed with me and "helped" while I worked.  Anderson went upstairs to play with his legos and he really played with legos pretty much all day long.  We bought lego storage drawers for Christmas in hopes that the kids would play more with legos and keep them more organized.  Looks like it might have helped them play more with them but not so much about the organization.
  • I ended up working in the school room closet until almost 11.  It is time for its semi annual cleaning out.  I didn't finish but I had to quit in time to clean up the rest of the school room.  After Reagan woke up, everyone had pretty much spend the whole morning in there coloring and just making a mess of things.  They were quiet and happy so all was well.  
  • We had lunch and I read some of a library book that is soon due trying to finish it off.  Then Campbell and Keaton helped me do laundry and we read a book together.  Soon it was there nap time-we skipped Keaton's morning nap and she was pointing at the fridge for milk by 1:30.  It is time for her to drop her morning nap.  I don't know how I feel about this because 11 to 12 was such a nice time for us to finish up school when Keaton was napping and things were quieter!
  • And speaking of skipping naps, at 8:30 tonight Campbell was still going strong.  I hope that it isn't time to start weaning her off of her nap.  I need that time quiet time!  I woke her up at 4 after 2 hours of sleeping and she was pretty cranky for the rest of the evening but still awake later.  Maybe I should just let her stay up with the others.  My, my, how things are always changing-once I get used to one routine there is something else.  
  • After everyone was awake, I started back in the school room and Graham came to me twice asking about when Robby was going to be finished with work.  First was "in 45 minutes but he has to then drive home."  And then I was asked 10 minutes later.  Thankfully, Robby was home a few minutes early.  
  • Keaton was the most excited to see him-she kept running to him for a hug and didn't want to be put down.  Robby worked on getting our tv back in order while I fixed supper for the kiddos.  Sometime during this, I told Campbell to go upstairs and get new panties.  She came back down wearing not only her panties but a nice summer dress and an armful of bracelets.  A few minutes later, I heard her talking to the boys and she said "look how me pretty!"  That child is a mess!
  • The kids played a bit longer before we finished watching one of Anderson's movies.  Then it was bedtime for everyone-except Campbell who is still probably awake!