January 13, 2013

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  • A few notes from last night: While eating at In-N-Out, Anderson complained that his hamburger had meat on it.  He continued that he didn't want meat on it and that I didn't make them like that.  Where did we get this semi-vegetarian kid.  And then before bed, Campbell did something and I congratulated her with "good job, man" and she quickly corrected me by saying "I'm not a man."
  • Now on to our evening.  By 10, Robby and I were looking at the clock thinking that it was going to be the longest night of our life.  Thankfully, even though it was a pretty bad night, it wasn't horrible.  Campbell coughed about every 10 minutes until 2ish-half of those coughing spells were accompanied by gagging and a couple incidents of ...well, never mind.  I slept with her in the chair until around 2, then laid in the bed with her and Reagan until 4.  From 2-4 she/we slept pretty good but when I woke up at 4, I decided to join Robby and stretch out in bed.  Sometime during then Robby ended up back with Campbell and Graham joined him.  At some point, Robby sent Graham to my bed and then around 7:30, I looked down and Graham was back in his sleeping bag.  
  • During all of this, Keaton did her own coughing and fussing periodically through the night.  She may always fuss during the night but we probably just don't hear it.  Sometime during the night, Campbell started to get warm and pretty much had fever all day until we made it home.  I am keeping her well dosed on Tylenol right now so I don't know if her fever is over or if it is the medicine.  
  • When we did wake up, we felt rested and were ready for the day.  Graham was pretty anxious to get to breakfast and Reagan was shocked when we explained that we needed to move quickly because breakfast would be over in 30 minutes.  We were all ready and made it in plenty of time.  Campbell hadn't lost her appetite at breakfast but Keaton seemed more interested in drinking and not eating.  Keaton hasn't really eaten anything today but has drank her weight in anything we would give her.
  • It was cold, cold, cold this morning and the men folk were shivering by the time they loaded the van and truck.  We left around 9 and were soon fighting the crazy traffic.  It was a pretty un-eventful ride home-just two stops: one was a bathroom stop and the other was lunch in Arkadelphia at Arbys.
  • Pops had a load of our purchases in his truck so he delivered them at the house and then Robby took Grannymom and Grandpa home.  The kids were so excited to get out and see our new driveway.  It still has to get packed down and probably won't be firm until the hot summer.  But it is still absolutely perfect for bike and scooter riding.  And it makes that wagon so much easier to pull! (especially with Keaton and Campbell in it!)
  • We all took a walk or two on the driveway and then the kids played and we started unpacking.  The kids even provided more help than Robby needed as he put together one of our nightstands.  We were about to start on the other one when he decided his drill needed charging.  Everyone had supper and then the kids had baths. 
  • Right now, Keaton is sleeping in her bed-she was pretty tired and was ready for bed-even though when Robby asked her if she was ready for bed, she shook her head no.  The rest of us watched a movie in the bonus room and Campbell fell asleep in Robby's lap.  Everyone moved on upstairs to brush teeth and get in their beds - decided to keep Campbell downstairs with us. She's asleep in our bed - so Robby's probably going to take the couch tonight.