January 27, 2013

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  • Sunday morning powdered doughnuts were the breakfast of champions around here this morning.  The kids were all dressed before breakfast and as soon as they were finished it was time to head to church.
  • During Sunday school this morning, Graham looked so tired at one point that I thought he was going to fall out of his chair.  I was pretty surprised that he managed to stay awake all during church.  
  • Anderson was involved in one of my favorite moments of the day (and one of my least favorite moments later on).  During big church, he was just singing his little heart out.  And at the end of one of the songs, he said "yeah!" kind of like a rock star would.
  • Each week, as soon as church is over, Anderson does not like it when Robby and I just stay in our seats for a minute (letting the crowd die down and just catching our breathe before finishing the afternoon).  He wants us to be the first ones out of the pew but Reagan is completely different.  Today, she said that she wanted to stay in the sanctuary until everyone had left just so she could see how quiet it was in there.  
  • Grannymom and Grandpa were not at home this afternoon, so lunch was on our own.  After changing clothes the kids made mini pizzas.  They loved doing this and could have worked forever at getting each piece of cheese and each piece of sausage on their pizza exactly the way they wanted it.  
  • The kids played for awhile and then when Keaton had her nap, the other kids watched a few movies. Robby and I were in the bonus room and noticed the neighbor kids playing with our fires from yesterday.  Robby opened the window and got on to them, he later knocked, I went out again later to get on to them and I knocked on the window.  Infuriating.  
  • So when I was loading up the car to take Reagan, Anderson and Graham to choir and Campbell who was along for the ride, it should have been no surprise that Robby saw all 4 kids back by the fire again.  He let them have it.  All of the kids in my car were turned around with their mouths hanging open in shock.  Campbell said "they are in big trouble" and Anderson added "Daddy is serious."  Later this evening, 2 of them were messing with our new driveway.  Robby just knocked and they scurried away this time.    
  • We skipped big church tonight because Robby has a bit of a cold.  Actually, he has the sneezes-I have never heard someone sneeze 8 times in a row.  He talks about how he sneezes all of the time at work and I have no idea how the people who sit near him handle it.  
  • During choir, Campbell and I walked around the church house.  We read some on my kindle, we listened to the people rehearse for big church and she played a few games.  I wanted to go to the library but I guess it was closed because of the fast.  
  • Now to my least favorite part of the day-I probably should not have been so pleased that my children were not acting like the neighbor kids and I probably should not have been wandering around the church.  I should have been observing my child's behavior in choir.  When I went to pick up Anderson and Graham, I was stopped by one of his teachers and told "Anderson was wild tonight, out of control."  Flabbergasted was what I was.  I was able to ask "like we need to talk to him?" and she agreed.  I thanked her and ushered the child to the car.  Shocked!  
  • On the way home, Anderson asked "are you going to tell Daddy?"  I answered that I had already text him everything and had tried to call him.  As soon as we made it home, he asked again if I was going to tell.  I told him that he better go tell him himself.  So as soon as he walked in, he told Robby "I got in trouble." 
  • Reagan and Graham knew something big was going to happen and were trying to stay nearby to see the effects of bad behavior but I tried to usher everyone upstairs to change into their pajamas.  Anderson did get a few spankings, will miss his ipad time for a few days, will write an apology to his teachers and will apologize in person next time he goes to choir.  Man, Robby and I are sure not used to this-I am sure things like this will happen many, many more times since they are after all children.  
  • I have already written his teacher to thank her for telling us.  And for all of my blog readers, please never hesitate to let us know if any Dennie kids aren't doing what is right and good.  Anyway, it didn't take too long for Anderson to perk up but hopefully, he will have learned his lesson.  
  • Robby had supper ready when we came home and we all ate.  Then the big kids (all but Anderson) had their ipad time while Keaton had herself a shower with Robby.  I had read on pinterest about how to make vicks vapor rub things to put in the shower to make your shower have that vapor rubby smell.  I tried and the recipe I used didn't really work-didn't work at all.  
  • Poor Keaton's bottom is pretty bad right now.  Her antibiotics led to messy diapers which led to diaper rash which have now led to a yeast infection.  She doesn't seem to mind though I wince every time I change her.  
  • Graham was so tired tonight that he couldn't fall asleep again.  He convinces himself that he is scared-really scared with 3 other people in the room with you and us downstairs.  Sometimes he will do this when I am using the washer or dryer upstairs but tonight the laundry was caught up (for about 2 minutes anyway).  I am pretty sure that he finally went to sleep-pretty sure because the battery on my monitor died pretty early in the evening!  
  • Tomorrow is school day for 3, Nonna day for 2 and Reagan gets to go and play at a friends house after school.  Big day!