January 6, 2012-Tara's Birthday Celebration #3

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(click here for pictures of Tara's birthday celebration at Nonna and Pops)
  • Everyone slept well this morning and dressed for church without a fuss-mainly because Reagan had picked out her dress and Campbell's dress the night before.  I seriously don't know what I will do when she is a teenage.  We discussed tonight picking out a whole weeks worth of clothes at one time. I did this when they were little but have since stopped but maybe should start back.  It would definitely save me some time everyday.  
  • We made it to church with little rushing around and had a good morning-didn't leave anyone at church so that is always good.  The kids were good in big church-better than the big kids in front of us-that's all I will say about that.  Campbell had made a shaker in her Sunday school class and when she was showing it to us she said that she was not to put it in her mouth (wonder how many times her Sunday school teachers had said that during the day).
  • Nonna had lunch for us-Hawaiian hamburgers and a delicious cake.  It was all really good.  I had filled Keaton's plate with food and tomatoes (her favorite) but she kept pointing at Nonna until we understood that she wanted some of Nonna's baked beans.  But on the other side of the table, sits Graham who will not eat baked beans for anything.  He had become sick on them a few times during a Sunday lunch at Grannymom's house and now has a fear of them.  Robby did convince him to eat just one today (really baked beans are like a staple) and he did so without too much gagging!
  • Back at home, Keaton had her nap and I took my birthday nap.  But Robby had made it upstairs to hide and take his nap before I even got started with mine.  I got even-I told everyone where he was (even though I was up there too!).  We had thought choir stared tonight but it didn't so we decided to go out to eat for my last celebration.
  • I picked Panera and Robby and I really liked our food.  And the kids cleaned up their plates but the kid portions are pretty small for the price.  We just split two kid meals and they devoured them.  Going out to eat is just a good reminder that it is just not worth it-not only money wise but also effort (ha!).  Seriously, I could have bought 3 big lasagnas tonight instead.  And the kids were shocked when I tried to explain (again) why they all couldn't have coke-"we can get 1 coke this size here or 1 coke this size at the grocery store."  Not that I let my kids drink coke or anything-that would be bad parenting!  I don't know how one of Keaton's 10 words is "coke."
  • Speaking of coke, on the way home we stopped by the store and Robby bought a zillion half gallons of milk.  As he was loading up the car, Campbell said "Daddy, did you buy milk?"  He said that he did and then Campbell added "I like coke too."  That she does!
  • Back at home, we loaded back packs and packed lunch for school in the morning.  Then it was off to bed for the crew.  I continued my birthday celebration by making cookies-and filling the house with smoke!