January 18, 2013

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  • Robby had a meeting at work early this morning and was already gone when the kids started waking up.  Campbell was the first to wake up and ended back in bed with Reagan.  Soon Anderson was downstairs with me and was shortly followed by the rest of the crew.  I received no "good mornings" or "how do you dos?" from them it was only "where's Daddy?"
  • I turned on a movie for them to watch while I showered and then we had breakfast while reading our science.  Then it was time for school.  I have been neglecting letting them have ipad time on Fridays as I have put in my school plans but I did today.  Of course, when I showed them the games they would play they weren't too thrilled.  Yes, I made them play sight word games and math bingo-oh the horror!  Actually, they enjoyed it even though I could never figure out how to turn the sound on.  
  • After school, I told the boys they could bring in their new toys...only to remember that those new toys were in the back of Robby's van.  Graham asked if daddy could ask his boss if he could bring them home real quick.  I distracted them with lunch so all was well.
  • When we finished eating, I did make everyone help me pick up for a few minutes.  I did work on the kitchen floor during this time while happy baby Keaton just laughed and sang along with me.  Then everyone played until time to go to the doctor.  
  • Anderson, Keaton and Campbell all had their check ups today.  Everyone was fine-all with big heads, all at the upper range of their weights and Campbell is crazy tall.  Dr. Martin did ask Anderson what his favorite veggie was and just as we had rehearsed he said "carrots."  While we were practicing for this questions he couldn't think of any veggies he liked despite the zillion I named.  Then he said "ok, I will just say carrots.  Even though I have never had them."  
  • Campbell's ears still look bad but Keaton's have cleared up nicely.  And Anderson did an asthma type test to check his airways-trying to determine if we should give him daily asthma meds.  After Martin looked at it, she decided that it wasn't really conclusive either way so to keep doing what we have been doing-just giving it to him daily when he has a cold or when needed.  
  • I had thought that Campbell would have to have shots but was wrong but we still all had a sonic drink after leaving the doctor's office.  Robby then ran into Walmart to pick up ear plugs for this evenings event.  
  • Then we picked up his car and I headed to Nonna's house to drop of Campbell.  This was her night to spend at Nonna's house making up for the hotel night that she missed because of her cough.  She has been saying since we came home that she was all better and wasn't coughing any more and was ready to go to Nonna's house.  So this was her night.  Nonna, Jason and her went to Larry's pizza and she was even able to sleep on the blow up princess bed.  That girl was so excited about going-she packed her new suitcase and continued adding things to it. 
  • Back at home, the others only had a bit of time before heading to the Monster Jam monster truck show.  It started at 7:30 and Robby said that it was the loudest thing he had ever been to.  But he also added that the kids were eating it up.  He sent me a video showing Reagan in between the boys and she is just as excited at they were.  Who knows when they will get home tonight but I know they are having a great time!
  • 10:30 update:  The monster jam crew is back and are all tucked into bed.  Robby said they stayed the entire show.  He knew there would be no way to get the kids to leave.  They had a blast and even went to bed with their glow sticks (dollar store) hanging by their beds.  And to top it off, they even had popcorn because they had to walk so far when they parked.  This might just have to be a tradition-once they all get their hearing back.