January 5, 2012-Tara's Birthday Celebration #2

(click here for today's pictures)
  • I believe that Campbell was the one to wake us all up this morning.  But I did take Robby's place and go upstairs.  He thinks that I don't know but when he gets up there he usually climbs in bed with one or more kiddos and then they all snooze for a few more minutes.  And I did the same thing today.
  • Those of us upstairs thought we heard the microwave this morning so we rushed downstairs but it wasn't the microwave.  Then we all ended back up in my bed and had a very interesting conversation. Anderson told me that I was getting big.  I said "like my tummy because of the baby?"  And he agreed.  Reagan added that I wasn't getting fat and then she named off a few large people that we know.  I was relieved that I wasn't on that list.  Tonight though when I was getting in the shower, I took off my shirt and Anderson said "wow, Mom you really are getting big."  
  • Robby thought our party today was at 10:30 so I was herding kids towards the door, he was just getting in the shower.  But since it takes twice as long to load up 5 kids than it does for him to shower, he wasn't even the last one buckled.  Owen's party was today at a teakwondo place.  We were very impressed.  The instructors were excellent and they kept the kids busy the entire time-kicking, punching, hitting things, relay races and even the parents got in on some of the action.
  • Reagan, Anderson and Graham had no trouble joining the group and following the directions of the instructors.  Campbell wasn't so sure at first but after the parents had to go in to hold something for the kids to kick, she stayed in and had a blast.  She followed directions just as well as the big kids and she even got in on saying "yes sir"-so much so that she screamed it tonight at supper.  
  • Keaton liked watching the kids and after the parents did go into the room she continuously wanted to go in and have me chase her.  We did quite a bit but soon a special guest arrived at the party-the green Power Ranger.  That is actually when Campbell decided that teakwondo wasn't for her and quickly excited the room.  The Power Ranger did kicks, flips and was pretty impressive but most impressive to the kids was cupcake time. 
  • After the party, we headed to Grannymom's house for one of my many birthday celebrations.  She had made Mexican casserole along with apple dumplings.  I opened up presents along with some from Robby with cards made by the kids.  I even received a kindle fire-luckily Robby didn't send it back the other day when I told him that I wanted no gifts with cords.  I think that I am going to like it-once I figure it all out.  
  • On the way home, Robby and I were trying to decide what we were going to do-pick up inside or pick up outside.  As soon as we parked, the kids pulled out their scooters so after putting Keaton down, Robby and I started picking up the garage.  We moved things around on a shelf to fit the generator and soon I looked over and neighbor man was approaching.
  • He had been out working on his chainsaw and we casually mentioned that Robby was working on his as well.  So neighbor man started trying to work on it with no luck (he seemed to know what he was doing too but did say he was going to bring a part).  Anyway, before we knew it, neighbor man was cutting up branches and we were all hauling stuff to the burn piles.
  • The kids worked pretty good-Reagan stayed with it the entire time.  And Graham would pick the heaviest sticks to carry and his little cheeks stayed so red and cold.  Anderson, unfortunately doesn't yet have the greatest of work ethics but he did work for quite awhile before ending up at neighbor man's house playing football with other kids.  Campbell picked up a stick but mostly just followed us around. Until she took the mail inside and a few minutes later, I looked in the mud room window to see her wearing only her shirt.  It was a good 15 minutes until I finally went into check on her-she had wet her pants, gotten a towel and cleaned it and then found new clothes to wear.  Then she was back outside for a trailer ride before we all cleaned up.
  • Once inside, everyone had showers to wash and warm up.  Then it was supper time-I had some hawaiian bread for their sandwiches and they devoured them-that is just good bread.  Robby and I agreed that anything would taste good on that bread.  Next was a bit of ipad time for the kids before watching a movie.  
  • While we watched a short movie-I snoozed and Robby hung up his new pegboards.  Then he read the kids a short book from my kindle before putting them in bed.  The kids were worn out from the party, the scooters and the leaf hauling so they were out pretty quick tonight!