January 4, 2013-Tara's Birthday Celebration #1

(click here for today's pictures)
  • This was another lazy morning around the house.  I did actually put on clothes other than my pajamas today.  I think my kids are enjoying spending so many days in their pajamas-they might just be a bit sad to go back to school.  Well, Reagan will not be but the boys both said "aww" when I mentioned school was starting.
  • I had two things planned this morning-organizing my cleaning products under the sink (why does under the sink always get so messy) and taking pictures of the house.  Last year we took pictures of the house near the first of the year and I want to try to do that each year.  That way 12 years from now we can look back and see what the house looked like before....insert whatever here.  
  • My house is by no means clean but is sure does look straight in the pictures (except in my closet and the hall closet which are just hopeless).  But the reason things look so straight is because I had a team of kids following me from room to room moving all of the clutter out of the picture.  I didn't get to outside pictures, upstairs pictures or Robby's office pictures (embarrassing-ly messy).  And yes, we do need a few more pictures on the walls, don't we?
  • I had to repay the kids for all of their work so everyone was able to take a few pictures with my camera.  Of course, the loved this activity and wanted to do more.  And when I laid my camera in the floor by me for a fraction of a second, Keaton picked it up for her turn.  Reagan couldn't understand why Keaton couldn't have a turn.  Tried to explain that if she was allowed to touch the camera now then she will always think she can-of course Keaton is always grabbing the camera and putting it up to her face.
  • Our next project was painting.  The kids each had a little something in their stocking to paint so they went to town.  They didn't finish but everyone had a great time-especially Keaton.  I passed her a paintbrush and she just went to town painting her high chair tray.  Well, she had a great time until I had to take the brush away because she was eating it.
  • We played Campbell's new bingo game-Reagan enjoyed this more than the boys.  But what boy would like playing bingo where you are looking for Minnie's bows.  And before I knew it, Anderson had brought down his new Battleship game.  I told him we would play it during Campbell and Keaton's naps and that we did.
  • Anderson had played Battleship at Nonna's house with Jason so he knew how to.  So I was on a team with Reagan and Graham while supervising Anderson.  I used to love Battleship and had forgotten how long that little game can take to play.  We played until Robby came home with cupcakes and then the game was quickly over.  Anderson was in the lead and had sunk 3 of our ships and we had only gotten to 2 of his.  
  • Before we did play our game, Graham did finish his blanket that he recieved for Christmas.  He was so proud of his work-even though I really did most of it.  I knew that he wouldn't be able to tie but he did try his best to help me by wrapping each piece around his finger.  Tonight he covered all up with his blanket-such a cutie.
  • Robby brought home birthday cupcakes for me-actually, he brought home wonderful cupcakes for me and then other (Kroger) cupcakes for the kids.  The kids did notice that my cupcakes were larger than theirs so I after much begging I did let them each have a half of mine (I am generous like that!).
  • Robby had a shop tonight at Coltons so we dropped the kids off at Nonna's house for them to play for a bit.  I had packed everyone a sack supper and Pops said that is was a big hit.  They even all had special napkins to use-it doesn't take much to impress our kids.
  • We went to Home Depot and had to ask about a few the location of a few items.  The first lady we asked called for Steve on the radio who came to help us.  Then we re-ran into Steve and asked him about another item.  Finally, we had to ask another person about something and they walked to the end of the aisle and said "hey, Steve..."  Seriously, we thought that Steve was going to check us out as well.  We went to a self checkout so Steve wouldn't have to do that but just as bad, the lady at self checkout checked out our items herself.  
  • We didn't fair much better at Coltons-the kids really wanted us to bring them back rolls and peanuts but I forgot my purse and zip lock bags (kidding, I don't even had a purse).  Robby quickly wrapped 2 rolls in his napkin and hid them beside him while I was the look out.  The waiter was pretty surprised that we downed 4 rolls in about 30 seconds so he brought us some more.  We were a bit afraid that we would get busted if we hid those too so we just waited on our to go box to put that basket of rolls in.  We did wait until we had paid before I dumped the bucket of peanuts into the to go box as well-this time Robby was the look out.  After all of this cramming and stuffing of the to go box, Robby tightly held on to me as we left so I would not fall and then spill our to go box contents at the feet of the manager!
  • Back at Nonna's house, the kids devoured their rolls.  They had all had baths and were back in their pajamas.  All but Anderson had put on clothes at 4 so we could go to Nonnas and Pops' house.  Once we made it home, we quickly rushed everyone to bed-big day tomorrow, we are going to a Ninja party!