January 19, 2013

Mom & Me!
(click here for today's pictures)
  • We had big plans for the morning but before we knew it, it was 8 and we were all still snoozing.  And then it was nearly 9 and Graham was the only one up.  Robby did make it out the door to start working outside.  It was nearly 10 before Reagan and Anderson roused.  Graham quickly grabbed himself a poptart and headed out to help Robby.  I fed everyone breakfast, laid out outside clothes and then headed out myself with Keaton in the wagon.
  • Robby had spent quite a bit of time working on getting a hose ready for the burn pile but then turned out we could never really get the fire going.  After working for an hour and constantly having to put leaves on top for it to keep burning, we gave up and moved to another part of the yard.  
  • Before we moved to our next project, Graham did get a good lesson on gasoline.  Robby was pouring some on a part of the pile to try to start it up but had forgotten that nearby is where he had originally tried to light it.  The pile went whoosh, Robby went "ooooh" and quickly ran backwards.  Robby was intact-including his eye brows and even had dry pants.  We then reviewed the "stop, drop and roll" procedures.
  • Before too long, Pops had brought Campbell home and spent some time pushing everyone on the swings.  We then raked leaves in the front part of the yard and was able to burn them without much of a problem-except the crazy amount of smoke that burning wet leaves provides.  We did bribe the kids with some extra ipad time if they picked up sticks.  So they stayed very busy doing that.
  • Keaton was in the wagon most of the morning-she stayed busy though taking off her hat, taking off her shoes, taking off her socks, taking off her coat, throwing everything out of the wagon and even hanging her feet over the side.  
  • I made a picnic lunch for everyone-some ate on a blanket and some at the picnic table.  Then Robby worked on Graham's bird house which has fallen apart.  While he did that, I tried to teach the big 3 how to play 4 square.  Then we all had a big ole basketball game-boys against girls.  We played until the store was tied and then we quickly ended the game so everyone would be happy.
  • Robby stayed outside and worked in the garage while the big 4 had showers.  Keaton was too tired for a shower so I put her down for a nap and had a shower myself instead.  Before too long, Grannymom and Grandpa came over for a bit.
  • I only had 19 things for Grandpa to hang so that didn't take too long.  After they had finished, we had leftovers for supper.  Then the kids and Grannymom spent quite a bit of time playing hide n seek.  After we waved bye to Grannymom and Grandpa, Robby and Graham worked on a block tower and shortly thereafter it was bedtime for all!  
  • Tonight we let Campbell sleep on the top bunk.  Anderson also wanted to sleep on the bottom so Graham gladly slept on the top.  The only thing we have heard out of them tonight is Reagan's coughing.  Graham, Anderson and Reagan all have a touch of the cold that the girls had-hopefully, it won't be as severe as the girls cold.