January 16, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Since yesterday was a snow day, we all slept in a bit this morning (pretty good excuse huh?)  And then before I knew what was happening, I was upstairs making a lego race car and a lego house with flowers all over it.  Thankfully though, I was able to get showered and ready for the day before Keaton woke up.  Actually, it was nearly 9 and she had not yet woken up, so I went in to check on her.  
  • That Keaton is seriously, the happiest child that we have.  She just grins and smiles when she sees any of us.  This morning she just sat and giggled at Anderson as he made silly faces at her.  Now when thing that isn't quite as pleasant with her is diaper changing lately.  The antibiotics have caused her diaper to be full and her bottom to become red, red, red.  
  • We had our breakfast and then quickly started on school.  Usually, I do one thing with Anderson and then one thing with Reagan and bounce back and forth helping each but today tried something different.  Today, I sat with Reagan and we finished all of her work that she needed my help on-my hope was that Anderson would be quietly working on his work (he did some).  And then I helped him with all of his work that he needed me on while Reagan did her independent work.  I might try it again tomorrow and see if this helps make our school day smoother.
  • We finished before lunch but the real excitement happened after lunch-we all decorated Beebee's birthday cake.  We used Graham's new rocket ship pan because what 80+ year old doesn't want a rocket ship birthday cake?  There was also another rocket cake for us to decorate for ourselves (this was the same cake that didn't burn to bits when I accidentally left it in the oven last night as we ran down the street for a few minutes.)  The kids took their time and enjoyed decorating the cake but they were much more excited to eat them!
  • I went ahead and put Keaton and Campbell down for an early nap and the rest of us had reading time.  Reagan really reads, Anderson just looks at the pictures even though the books he is looking at he could read, Graham quietly looks at pictures and I am devouring my book on my kindle.  
  • I did a few things and got everything as ready for the evening as I could-bags packed, shoes laid out, everything by the door...  I know that at 3:30 I have to start getting everyone ready but I have no idea what happens from 3:30-4.  Four is when I try to leave but I never make it out the door on time.  The kids were pretty helpful today and were out in the garage before I even had Keaton up from her nap.
  • Why were they so excited to get in the garage?  That is where we had left the toys that we have gotten last night.  The boys had spread everything out and were so excited about them-they talked about them the entire way to Beebee and Papaw's place.  Campbell just drug the princess suitcase around and around the garage.  Anderson asked if we were going to get to bring them inside the house.  Ha!  He thinks we are going to make them play in the frigid garage!  The plan is to bring them in on Friday afternoon.
  • Today was Beebee's 29th brithday-at least that is what she told the kids.  Of course, Reagan couldn't understand why her great grandmother is younger than her mother.  We had our supper while Beebee and Papaw were eating theirs in the dining room and then we celebrated her birthday with the rocket ship cake and candles.  
  • Before I knew it, it was time to scurry out the door to head to Awanas.  Good night for all-Reagan said a zillion verses and Anderson finished his review.  He was so excited to get his extra credit book. Love that kid-I was so worried about him finishing anything and he is hot on Reagan's heels. 
  • Back at home, everyone had a snack, medicine for the girls and then bedtime for all!