January 8, 2013

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  • Graham was the only one going to school this morning and he happily went with Robby.  He was wide awake when I went upstairs this morning.  Maybe he slept well since he stayed in his bed last night.
  • Graham had gotten into a habit of coming into our bed lately.  Since my belly is getting bigger lately, I can't really lay on my back or stomach (obviously) and must have my knees in front of me to lay on my side so there is less and less room for him in our bed-or less room for me!  
  • When getting him dressed, I told him that I was glad he stayed in his bed.  He looked at me and said "I did get up to get a drink of water though."  He elaborated that he went to the fridge in the middle of the night for water.  I checked my phone to see when the motion detectors were activated last night and didn't see his midnight trip.  I really think he was telling the truth but I guess our motion detectors don't detect little people-hope we are never robbed by a band of midgets!
  • After they left for school, we had breakfast here and then started school.  Reagan couldn't get over that we had to do school every single day.  I tried to explain that other kids were in school too-I continued that they were doing math and phonics.  She stopped me and said "they don't do math every day."  I explained that indeed they do.  Apparently, she wants to do more "fun" things at school.  I like to do the hard work during school time and then let them have their own fun for the rest of the day.  So I am not on the mission of putting more "fun" into school time here.
  • Even though we didn't have any "fun" during school, it was still pleasant.  Everyone had a good day.  Poor Anderson's math today was challenging-writing the numbers 1-100.  That is a lot for him to do.   His handwriting isn't that wonderful but he doesn't have a problem with the correct numbers though.  I had out two pages of math for him to do both with writing 1-100 on them but quickly figured out that he would still be at his desk working if I made him do them both.  
  • Next up was Robby coming home for a quick lunch as we finished our lunch.  Then I did a few chores while Reagan and Anderson played legos and Campbell and Keaton helped me.  Keaton seemed pretty fussy today and probably drank half a gallon of milk throughout the day (only way to keep her happy it seemed).  So she did take an early nap and the rest of us had reading time.  Reagan started on a new book that Jason gave her for Christmas.  After the time finished, she said that she was going to keep reading which was certainly fine by me.
  • I didn't put Campbell down for a nap thinking that she would watch a show with Reagan and Anderson and hopefully fall asleep.  Ha!  That didn't happen-she saw me working on my computer (planning school for the next few weeks) and she found her new computer and sat by me.  I know that is cute and all but her computer is crazy loud-I just had to put up my computer and do some real work.
  • Before supper was out of the oven, Robby and Graham made it back from work and Grannymom's house.  Graham had spent the afternoon with Grannymom and Grandpa-even playing at Rock Creek with Lilly and Cash.  
  • After supper, Robby headed upstairs to work on the kids train table which is steadily dropping screws on the ground.  Of course the kids all migrated upstairs to play-Reagan and Anderson playing transformers, Graham working on his wall track, Campbell fussing because she didn't get to use the drill and Keaton trying to grab whatever one else was playing with.  
  • Soon everyone brushed and put on their pajamas (well, if they had even changed out of them today) and went to bed.  Another good day!