January 3, 2013

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  • Technically, Robby was the first one out of bed this morning but he soon fell asleep up there.  So I was actually the first one up and ready this morning.  The kids have been famished lately and were already asking about breakfast while I was still in the shower.  No, not Reagan though-she was still snoozing but she did wake in time for breakfast this morning.
  • I dutifully headed back to the school room closet to finish this morning while Reagan, Anderson and Graham went back up to their legos.  I know I mentioned it yesterday, but they are playing with legos all of the time now.  
  • Keaton and Campbell helped me-as fast as I could put stuff up they were pulling it back out again.  So I just moved them to the part of the closet that I had not worked on yet.  So when they pulled out something, I then put it in the correct place.  I did fizzle and not really organize my craft supplies but they are in a closed box so that will be fine.  No one will ever know.
  • Robby decided that everyone would load up and go with me to my doctor's appointment today.  Not actually go in, but drive to the "city" together.  Robby and the kids went to Arbys while I had my appointment.  Everything was good with Baby 6.  Its heartbeat was 135 which suggests a boy (if you believe any old wives tales) but my money is on a high strung girl.  The doc did say that my iron was a bit low so he gave me a bag full of samples.  Also said that they would give me more energy-seriously, I don't think I want any more energy.
  • The kids love Arbys-Graham and Reagan ate their entire sandwiches.  And everyone could not get enough pickles-weird.  They picked me up and then we ran to Walgreens to get some milk.  It was on sale there but of course when we made it home, we saw the Kroger ad where milk was a better deal. I guess it was a good thing that Robby only bought 5 gallons.  
  • The little girls took a nap this afternoon and the others watched a movie while I helped Robby a bit outside.  I didn't work for long but we did make a dent (a tiny dent) in the limbs.  The limbs plus the leaves can be a bit overwhelming.  Oh, well it will all get done-eventually!
  • Robby cooked supper tonight (spaghetti) and Graham kept coming in the kitchen asking "why are you cooking like that Daddy?"  Even Graham noticed Robby wasn't making spaghetti just like mine.  His was much better though so he is going to be the official spaghetti maker.
  • After supper, the kids played for a bit and then they all had baths in the bonus room.  Next up, we finished a movie that we had started the other night.  Keaton had had enough of the bonus room and was ready to go to bed.  Oh, in the bath tonight, Reagan would put her head under the water and then Keaton would do the same thing.  Man, what a mess she is turning in to!