January 12, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • We did have a restful night last night-Keaton coughed some but Campbell coughed pretty much all night.  She did sleep some-climbed in bed with me and asked where Daddy was and then after a bit of time with me, ended up stepping on Anderson to get to Robby's bed.  
  • Anderson is like a little clock and was wide awake at 7:05.  Soon Keaton, Campbell and Anderson were all getting dressed as we were getting ready.  Graham ended up back in our room after he had eaten breakfast and was pretty excited that he was going to get to go and eat again.  We met Reagan down at breakfast and the kids were pretty hungry-especially Graham who had at least 5 pancakes and a cinnamon roll.
  • After everyone had eaten, all 12 of us (Dennies, Brocks, Jason and the 7 of us) loaded up in the van for the day.  Our first stop was the 6th floor museum from where Kennedy was assassinated from.  They were actually filming a movie (Parkland) nearby about Kennedy's assassination so we were able to watch some actors from a distance.
  • Then we went into the museum.  It was interesting (even for me).  They did however have the headsets-which I do not like.  Mine was quickly taken off and handed to Graham who didn't get one (too young) and Campbell spent some time in Robby's headset.  Of course, the kids can't follow a grown up guide-if a place must have those headsets, how easy it would be to make a listening guide for kids.  Towards the end most of the kids got tired of their headsets and passed them on to us.  
  • Graham, remembering our Christmas trip at the capital and remembering that Robby used to work there, asked if Daddy had a camera (like the ones that filmed JFK) when Daddy was president.  Graham is quite my thinker.  Last night he even told Grannymom that he had completed one of his New Year's resolutions-counting to 100.  Nonna helped him get all the way to 100 but apparently it still counted in his book.
  • One of the most interesting things at the museum (to me anyway) was two huge mosaics of JFK and Jacqueline-each was made up of the same image over and over.  There were however, 3 and 5 images in each picture that were different than the rest.  Even with the magnifying glasses we weren't able to spot them.  
  • Our plan was to walk around a bit outside when we finished, but it was raining by then and actually pouring by the time we all made it into the van.  So we drove to the grapevine mall for a bit.  The kids enjoyed walking through the Lego store even seeing Wyatt, Owen and Maddie there.  Then the even got to ride on the kiddie merry go round-and Keaton was not pleased at all about the ride being over and me taking her off of her spot.
  • We then had lunch at the food court and headed back to the car.  By this time our 70 degree weather from yesterday had turned into 40 degree weather and it was cold, cold.  But we still felt a trip to the hotel swimming pool was in order.  The hot tub was steamy but the pool was a bit chilly-at least when I put my foot in.  Pops took one for the team today and swam with the kids in the pool.  Keaton loved the pool and kicked and kicked her little feet.  
  • Back to the room for  quick showers and then some iPad/TV time while we did one quick load of laundry.  Keaton took a very short nap until we disturbed her to find some medicine for Campbell's cough. So Keaton's nap was over and everyone just sort of rested until the laundry was done.
  • It was time to load back up for a quick drive to In-N-Out burger - a favorite of Robby's ever since our San Francisco trip in 2002.  We seem to always manage a visit here while in Dallas for burger and shake.  The kids loved sitting on the stools on the other side of the restaurant and were even more pleased since they gave them stickers to decorate their cups.  Everyone ate their burger (or most of it) since milkshakes were had by everyone afterwards.
  • Made it back to the hotel where the kids all went to a grandparents room while we got their clothes ready for the night. Campbell postponed her sleepover til we get home since she is nursing a pretty bad cough (currently sitting in Tara's lap trying to go to sleep).  Anderson was pleased he was spending the night in Grannymom's room. Reagan & Graham were satisfied back in our room along with a little Disney tv before bed.