January 17, 2013

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  • Campbell had made it a habit to climb out of her bed all by herself lately and has even been beating Graham into our bed in the morning.  Thankfully, she doesn't wake up until after 7.  This morning, after she laid with us for a bit, she headed to the fridge to get her milk.  
  • Robby and I had heard someone else moving around upstairs and coming down the stairs but Campbell didn't put all of those sounds together.  When she opened our bedroom door, she let out a squeal.  We immediately heard Anderson say "sorry, sorry."  They had ran into each other and scared each other pretty good.
  • The other day I tried to wake Campbell up from her afternoon nap and she wasn't getting up.  So I left her door open and went on with things.  About 30 minutes later, I heard her call me so I quickly headed upstairs.  And when I turned the corner of the stairs, there she was-I was the one letting out the squeal that day.
  • Anyway, we have all gotten into the habit of sleeping in.  I actually had to wake my Graham up this morning-he might be getting a bit of the girls cold (runny nose and a bit of a cough tonight).  The girls are feeling very good.  They both still have runny noses and Campbell was terribly tired this evening but she never got around to taking her nap though.
  • Robby and Campbell took Graham to school.  It was bring a teddy bear day.  He had original told me that Ms. Stacy said he could bring a bunny rabbit.  I told him that the sheet I received said a teddy bear but if rabbits did hibernate then he could take one (they are talking about hibernation).  I looked it up and rabbits don't hibernate.  I was afraid this was going to cause a scene with him but he dutifully went upstairs to find another bear.  Soon he called down to me "do panda bears hibernate?"  I looked it up and they actually do not but I told him that he could still take it since it was a bear like the note said.
  • Reagan and Anderson had breakfast in the school room and Keaton sat in her highchair in the hallway eating.  I worked with Anderson on all of his work first and then with Reagan while Anderson finished his independent work.  That child is so distracted so I told him he could go and set near Robby who was working from home.  I think he did pretty good sitting in there-maybe Robby could just work from home all the time.  
  • Robby noticed that school seemed crazy due to Keaton and Campbell.  My Campbell used to work better during school and would do things that I set out for her.  I have stopped even trying to give her stuff to do lately because she is so interested in playing with Keaton who can now play with her.  Today, I did turn on a movie (educational) for her to watch-that lasted for about 10 minutes.  
  • We didn't get to our science today but since we only had one page to read that can be finished tomorrow.  To finish by 11 was pretty good and imagine how much we could have accomplished if we had gotten up at a decent time this morning!  
  • It had been so long since I had picked up Graham in our little car (the minivan) that him and Ms. Stacy wasn't sure that it was me in the car.  I usually just go in but since I had everyone today we went through the carpool line-were actually the only ones in the line.  
  • I dropped the kids off at Grannymom's house.  No one seemed to notice me leaving-we had brought the toys from Ms. Shannon to play with and they were busy playing/fighting with the toys.  They had lunch and even made a clay project.  Reagan said that she wanted for me to buy her some so she could make a vase.  She loves art and making projects-need to send her to an art class.
  • I ran a few errands and then picked up the crew.  They had a time getting into the car-I have often threatened to make them load and unload the car multiple time during the day to practice.  Once saw a video of a lady boasting that her 8 kids could load the car and buckle in 30 seconds.  I would be happy for 5 kids loading and buckling in 2 minutes with minimal tears!  We will get there-might work on that next month.
  • Currently, we have our star chart and the kids earn stars so they can go eat donuts with Robby.  Last month you could only get your star taken away if bedtime didn't go smoothly but this month we have added losing a star if you talk back.  The donuts were still on the table but Robby upped it with if everyone got all of their stars they could go to Chuck E Cheese with me.  So far Anderson is the only one getting to go with me but he will probably soon lose a star too.  They have gotten pretty bad about talking back but this seems to be helping.  There was major drama when I had to take away Reagan's first star thus losing her Chuck E Cheese.  She will still get to go to donuts with Robby so it could be worse.  Anyway, all of that to say next month we will probably have to add getting in and out of the car to our star chart.
  • When we did make it home from Grannymom's house, the 3 big kids rode on their scooters and Campbell helped Grandpa and Robby hang my computer/tv in the school room.  Actually, she did little helping and was quickly kicked out of the school room-she is used to being kicked out of our little school room!
  • Before we realized it the afternoon was almost over and I scurried around to find supper.  I had a lasagna that was still frozen so it took forever to cook.  Robby gave the kids baths while I finished up supper-lasagna, corn on the cob, bread and cookies.  Reagan said that this was one of her favorite meals and Keaton ate her weight in lasagna.  (A bath before lasagna is not always the best idea)
  • After supper, Robby read the kids a story on my little kindle and then Keaton went to bed and the rest of us watched a Thomas the train movie.  Campbell was so exhausted that she fell asleep during the movie.  I worked on the blog during the movie and Robby bought the kids tickets for an outing tomorrow.  My boys are going to be so excited tomorrow that they will be beside themselves!