January 23, 2013

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  • Sometime in the middle of the night, I got up to use the bathroom.  When I laid back down, I looked at the door to our room and it was open.  I thought that was odd and then I decided that Robby was sleeping a little too close to me and that was also odd.  I made sure that was Robby next to me and not one of the kids. 
  • Well, the reason that Robby was so close to me was in fact Graham.  I don't know if he had tried to get me to move over or not but he ended up on Robby's side.  After I realized all of this, I told Robby that he could scoot over some towards me and soon I was the one on the edge of the bed.  Graham eventually said that he wanted to go back to his bed so Robby jumped at the chance to re-tuck him in.  Tonight he has said that he doesn't want to sleep in the top bunk any more but Anderson is now enjoying the ease of the bottom bunk.  That will provide some drama-we sure want everyone to really like their beds-like them enough to stay in them all night long!
  • This morning I made 4 slices of cinnamon toast (two with the heels of the bread-gasp!), 1 peanut butter sandwich, passed out 1 chocolate pop tart, divided another pop tart 3 ways because it was the last one, gave out 1 cinnamon pop tart, cut a banana, poured 3 bowls of cereal and topped off 4 milk cups.  Seriously, breakfast around here is getting ridiculous.  My new plan is to have a planned breakfast and that is what we will all eat (cereal on Mondays, toast with whatever topping on Tuesdays, or whatever).  Of course, I have been saying that we would have a supper menu for about 12 years.
  • School today went fairly well.  I had given everyone a good speech about staying in their seats and being quiet.  It worked fairly well-Keaton gets a chair from the closet, takes it to Campbell's desk and sits beside her.  I felt so sorry for her that I set up the little table for her to color at.  She loves sitting at the table and will sit there even when she isn't doing anything.  
  • Anderson did finish much quicker today but did stall briefly during math.  I did fill Reagan's extra boxes with some hard stuff today so she had to work pretty hard too.  One of the stumpers for her was matching coins and their amounts.  She worked with a paper, pencil and calculator but eventually figured it all out.
  • Robby surprised us by dropping by at lunch.  He stayed for a bit and then headed back to work.  Most of the kids ended up outside for awhile.  Anderson has become a bit basketball obsessed and was pretty happy that the neighbor kid was outside as well (I did find time to ask why he wasn't at school-didn't want him to have to flu but he is now homeschooled as well).  
  • After a while, I called everyone back in to read science.  Graham takes it all in and listens so intently.  It is all so over his head (mine too) but he will raise his little hand and ask questions-cutest thing.  Next up, they all changed into church attire (that means clothes that match-not orange pants and a red shirt as one had on).  Then a quick movie while I ran around doing my crazy Wednesday afternoon routine.
  • We left earlier than usual today at 3 to go and see Beebee and Papaw.  The kids were very well behaved-maybe that is because Beebee gave them 2 candy bars, 4 cookies and 2 dollars.   I would be good too!  Keaton didn't have much to do with Beebee or Papaw but when I said it was time to leave, she ran to Papaw to give him a hug.  
  • Then it was off to the library to pick up some books.  I have not taken the kids in ages and we barely made it out today.  Anderson walked in without holding the door open for us-one thing my boys will know by the time they leave my house is to hold the door open for the people behind them.  He usually does but was so excited-of course, I sternly reminded him.  Then as we were leaving, I took everyone to the bathroom.  Campbell locked the door while pottying and then after poopooing she couldn't get up to open the door.  This mean my Anderson had to climb under to open that door for Campbell.  C tries to do the right thing but we so often expect a bit much for her and forget she is barely 3.
  • Then we met Robby at McDonalds.  He already had our food laid out on the table for us so that made supper easy.  Next up was church for all.  Graham has figured out that I am the lamb puppet but I am not sure if he knows Robby is the bear puppet.  Anderson and Reagan even went to go and watch the pinewood derby so that was a highlight.
  • Back at home tonight, everyone had a snack and then it was pajama time.  Campbell had colored on a tshirt during school time.  We have markers that wash out so there is one shirt that the kids take turns coloring on and then wear it to bedtime.  She was so proud of her shirt tonight!