January 29, 2013

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  • Since this was only a school morning for Graham, everyone was up pretty early-even Reagan.  They were playing in the toy room fairly quietly.  Campbell did come down to lay with us for a few minutes. Then I headed up to help Graham get his clothes on and of course Campbell also put on her clothes. 
  • Campbell just cracks me up-always wants to put on her clothes first thing in the morning.  Sometimes she will even change a few times during the day (mostly because of wet clothes though) but all of her choices are well thought out-red shirt and pink shirt (because they are both red) or horizontal striped pants and vertical striped shirt (because they are both striped).  Today the diva had me put chalk in her hair and paint her finger and toenails. 
  • After Robby and Graham left, I made breakfast for everyone.  And no, I haven't made my breakfast menu (the one where we are all eating ____ for breakfast and will like it).  Then we started school....
  • Since Reagan had woken up so early, I guess this was her day to be grumpy.  I had Anderson finish his phonics first and then I worked with him to finish everything else that he needed my help with.  His last thing to do was math and I told him he would have to watch his video and he asked if he could just do the ones that he understood without watching the video while he waited-well, of course.
  • Reagan spent most of her time during school playing with a tiny piece of silly putty that Kate had given her.  Played with it so much that she had only completed 2 things when I set Anderson free to work on his independent work.  One of those things was her math and she was none too pleased with me when I handed it back to her making her turn all of her backwards numbers around.  
  • Everyone had a pretty good school day-well, everyone but Keaton.  She was just a bit out of sorts this morning so I held her most of the morning.  That may be why she is not happy now in her bed tonight!
  • Next up was lunch and a bit of history reading (Abeka not Story of the World-I have given that up).  They love history and become mad at me when I stop reading it.  After all, it is a short book and I want it to last for the rest of the school year.  Next year, I will add more extras to their history book and make it last all year not just January to April.  
  • Then they played while I did laundry, dusted, clean the bathroom cabinets, rearranged some holiday stuff, cut some fingernails, picked out the kids Valentines and organized my basket of cake decorating sprinkles.  Actually that list of chores lasted until after Keaton's nap.  We had reading time as well-Campbell just laid in the floor holding a closed book.  She was quiet and that was all that I could ask for.
  • Just as Anderson and I started working on putting together a crane art project that he had received from Christmas, Graham and Robby came home.  Graham had a big day at school-a real live hamster came to spend the day with his class.  And then he spent the afternoon with Grannymom and even came home with a bag of costumes and a few much needed dress shirts that will fit Anderson. 
  • Soon we had supper and then Robby read the kids a few books.  Then they watched a movie and just as put Keaton to bed, the sirens started going off.  We checked the weather and opted not to take cover (storm path wasn't too close to us).  But we did let the others stay up until most of the threat had cleared-we even all watched our first episode of Duck Dynasty.
  • Keaton must have realized that something different was going on because she started screaming and screaming until I got her up for a bit.  She just sat and watched the show with the rest of us and then started jabbering on Robby's phone.  But alas when it was bedtime for the big kids, she still wasn't ready to go to bed-so we went to the bonus room so we couldn't hear her!