January 9, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • We all slept a bit late this morning-must have been because of the dreary weather.  It was kind of nice having a slow start to the day.  Though by the time Robby left for work the kids were getting a little bit rowdy (understatement) and as Robby walked out of the door, he wished me luck!  That wasn't too encouraging.  
  • Yogurt smoothies are all the rage around here.  We haven't bought any in a while and the kids love them.  And we even have those yogurt tubes which Keaton loves.  Of course they are a splurge so when they are gone, it will be awhile before they return around here.  
  • I then ushered everyone to the school room for school.  We started off by reading our science in the floor-while we were reading, Keaton climbed in a chair and then onto a desk.  Then the child just leaned up against the wall while on top of the desk with a grin on her face.  It was like she was saying "ha, you aren't going to get up and get me-everyone is sitting listening."  And she was right, I quickly said a prayer that she wouldn't fall and kept on reading.  I couldn't stop since I had 4 kids quietly listening.  After awhile, she sat down and climbed on down.  Really, I don't think any of my other babies would have stood on top of a desk when they were 16 months old!
  • My Anderson was so distracted today-he had finished 2 of his 10 boxes when Reagan had already finished hers and read for 20 minutes.  Graham and Campbell had finished their work as well.  Seriously, I don't know what to do with him.  It wasn't that his work was too hard nor was it too easy and he was just as distracted in the quiet kitchen.    After everyone had finished, I sat with him and we finished his work in no time at all.  
  • We finished school in time this morning for everyone to help empty the trash and then it was already lunch time.  After lunch the kids finished their painting projects that we had started earlier in the week. Then I started packing for our trip.  Keaton and Campbell helped me-I put folded something or put it in the box and then someone promptly unfolded or took it out of the box.  I should know better than to pack with such good helpers!
  • This afternoon, Beebee called and said Papaw was a bit under the weather today so we postponed our afternoon visit with them.  I wasn't looking forward to getting out in the rain even though we had to for Awana.  This gave me a few extra minutes to pack, possibly take a nap and everyone even ate supper at home.  
  • Robby did show up with a bit more supper for the kids and me.  It actually all worked out well because if he had gone straight to church tonight he would have still been there.  Because by the time he  made it home from work he had an almost flat tire and tonight when we made it back from church he had a completely flat tire.  The kids were so interested in seeing that tire-probably have only seen flat tires on cartoons.
  • After Awana, the kids had some milk and then went to bed.  We are doing a "star chart" where if they put on their pjs, brush their teeth and get into bed to go to sleep with little talking, they will get a star.  And enough starts earns donuts with Dad.  And if you don't lose any stars you get your very own drink when you go and eat donuts.  Reagan and Anderson are the only ones who will not have to share their drink so far!  Next month, we are adding not talking back to the "star chart"-it will just be Robby eating donuts alone next month!