January 26, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • Over at Nonna's house, Anderson slept until 7 and then went back to sleep for a bit longer.  But at our house, we were all still snoozing at 8.  Everyone joined us in our bed and we all loafed around until almost 9.
  • Robby fixed the kids breakfast (leftover dounuts) and then we headed outside for a yard day.  It was pretty cold and stayed chilly all day long without ever warming up.  Actually, if the sun had came out it would have been pretty pleasant.  
  • Robby started a fire on the lower end of the yard and we raked and raked.  He also used his blower to blow some leaves in the pile.  We eventually started another burn pile of just leaves and worked on it as well.  That all sounds pretty simple when I type it so I am not sure why it took us until after 5 to finish up enough to come in.  (This is Robby:  "Because it was A LOT of leaves!"
  • The kids were out most of the day.  As I looked around at one point I saw Keaton eating dirt from her wagon with a spoon that she was playing with, Graham racing around on his scooter and Reagan leading Campbell around with a rope-things were just as they should be.  
  • Keaton is just as content as she can be in the wagon-helps probably that someone is always asking for a snack or drink so they are flowing plentiful while we are outside.  Graham probably helped the most but the real highlight was watching their plastic snack cups melt in the fire.  This caused Reagan to find anything that she could put into the fire to watch it burn.  I am not sure who will be more of a pyromaniac-Reagan or Keaton who would just watch the fire and laugh.  (or maybe she was laughing at Robby and me working so hard on all of those leaves).
  • The kids had their lunch on a blanket outside.  Keaton and I ate inside and soon Campbell came in with her plate to join us.  She said that she was cold outside.  After putting Keaton down for her rest, I went back outside and it was indeed cold-I felt it was colder than when I came in.
  • Soon Pops and Nonna brought Anderson home.  Anderson had a blast while at Nonna's house.  And he was so proud of his new Oaklawn hat.  As soon as he found out that Reagan was inside watching tv, he couldn't wait to get his self in the house to watch a movie too.
  • After they watched a few movies, I woke Keaton up and the others came back outside to work some more.  Reagan and Campbell found their lawn chairs and just sat down and watched us work.  Anderson found a rake and started working on a huge leaf pile for him to jump in.  They played and played in those leaves and kept themselves quite entertained.  Now this huge leaf pile only created more work for us because we had to rake those leaves on into the pile before we called it a night.
  • Next up was 7 showers and then chili leftovers.  We all worked on picking up the playroom and then a Woody Woodpecker movies before bedtime.  I think Robby and I may be asleep before the kids are asleep tonight.