January 11, 2013

(click here for today's pictures)
  • This morning Campbell was coughing a bunch and Robby went up to get her.  He also came back down with Graham.  They laid in our bed so quietly and still (well, quiet and still for those two).  And they had little idea that it was already after 7 and time to start getting up and ready for the day.
  • After they had asked their 100th question of the morning, I did get up to get into the shower.  It is something all of questions they think to ask-did you pack our bathing suits? is it a motel or a hotel? do they have breakfast? how many days will we be gone?  
  • Though sometimes the questions do help me out a bit.  Last trip I had forgotten a few things and only remembered them when Campbell asked about them.  This trip, Reagan asked to change her pajamas that I had packed for her.  I grumbled a yes and then went to find the ones that I had packed so she could switch them-except I hadn't packed any for her.  Seriously, I am going to have to start using my "master packing list" for all trips and not just for long trips.
  • It didn't take too long for the kids to get ready and when I called them down for breakfast, Reagan and Graham said they were coming but were picking up the toy room.  Don't hear that very often!  Soon we were loading up-well, Robby had already loaded up the van.  Really the only difference in what a family of 7 takes for a 2 night trip and an 18 night trip is one extra change of clothes and a bit more food.  But other than that, packing is still the same.  Though in just a few months, when you add packing for a baby too things will get much more complicated.
  • We were at Grandpa's house a bit after 9 and after they loaded up, we met Nonna, Pops and Jason to follow us in Pops' truck at church.  Actually, by the time we made it to Grannymom's house we had already been asked by Graham why we were going back to Texas if we had already been there (he is all about getting his state chart filled in).  We had also seen a digger of some sort and was told by one of the boys that it was a "grave digger."  We could already tell that the conversation was going to be quite exciting on the trip.  And by the time we made it to church I had already been asked 14 times if we were still in Arkansas.  
  • Our first stop was in Texarkana and we put the boys in the truck with Pops.  Everyone enjoyed a few snacks and we pressed on towards our main goals-the Cheesecake Factory and Ikea.  Keaton had about a 30 minute nap the entire trip but passed her time eating, jabbering and watching the movie off and on.  Campbell passed her time asking question after questions.  She was very concerned if the  man (hotel desk clerk) would say that we could swim tonight.  After her one millionth question, Robby quickly found another rest stop and we switched riders.  
  • We made it to the Cheesecake Factory after a few wrong turns-silly GPS.  And then were quickly seated-helps to bring a party of 12 to a restaurant in the middle of the afternoon.  The kids were good-have been pretty good so far.  Robby did order 3 orders of kiddie corndogs thinking that they were going to be the tiny ones that we usually get at restaurants.  The menu said it was only 3 so we shocked when out come 3 huge "mini" corndogs on each of the 3 orders.  Needless to say, we had plenty left over.  We could have gotten by with ordering one order of those.  Oh, well you live and learn!
  • Everyone enjoyed cheesecake (mine, and I suppose I will have to share with Robby, will be eaten as soon as I finish this blog).  Pops had banana, Nonna got key lime so Anderson could eat some of hers (that is his favorite), Grandpa and Grannymom had strawberry and we ordered chocolate for Reagan, Graham and Keaton.  We tried to give some to Campbell but she wouldn't eat it.  She did try some whip topping from the top of it and almost lost her lunch trying to swallow it down.
  • Next up was Ikea!  The kids couldn't all go in at first so they walked with us for a few minutes and then we dropped off the big 4.  Seriously, how nice is that-we can shop stress free and there are enough Dennies to take good care of each other in the play area.  We were the only ones to buy a basket full; here is a list of our purchases (I know you may not care but I like to be able to look back and see when I bought stuff): 2 nightstands, some picture frames for our bedroom, a rug for our closet, a rug for one bathroom (don't know which one yet), drawers for my crafty stuff, a tv hangy thing, 2 spatulas, a lamp, hooks for Reagan's purses, lightbulbs for the lamp and I think that is about it.   Though I still have a list of things that I would like to find or buy there-my budget always runs out first though!
  • After Ikea, we headed to the hotel in North Dallas.  We barely made it-poor man pushing his car on the interstate was in front of us and then we almost traversed a road that was closed.  But we all made it in one piece and that is what matters.  After checking in, the kids drew names to see who would spend the night where-Graham is with Grannymom and Reagan is with Nonna.  Anderson is sleeping soundly with us and Campbell and Keaton are competing to see who can cough the loudest and longest.  Hopefully, we will all sleep well tonight and there will be little coughing once they are all sound asleep.
  • Pretty eventful day here in Texas and it was a pretty eventful day at our little house.  Our driveway was paved this morning while we were on our way to Dallas - recycled asphalt.  Whoop, whoop.  The pictures look really exciting and I can not wait to see it, nor can the kids wait to ride their bikes on it.