January 7, 2013

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(click here for pictures of Tara's birthday celebration at Nonna and Pops yesterday)
  • This was back to school day-preschool for Graham and Comm Central for Reagan and Anderson.  I dropped Keaton and Campbell off at Nonna and Pops' house this morning as well.  We woke up on time and seemed to make it out the door in plenty of time.  
  • When I was telling everyone about this day, Campbell was not happy that she and Keaton were the only ones going to Nonna's house.  She told me "I want more to go with me."  She had forgotten about all of this and was the first one out of the van when we pulled in their driveway though.
  • Graham had a good day at school-it was birthday bash day so they had cupcakes which was a big treat.  He was so proud when I picked him up that he was able to bring his hand print angel home from school.  I should have taken a picture of it but forgot-no, it is not in the trash.  It did have his hand prints on it after all so it is a keeper.  I don't keep everything but hand prints, something written that is sweet or the first time they have done something (written name, etc.) are keepers.
  • After I picked up Graham, we went to Nonna's house for lunch.  Campbell was busy making our lunch when we arrived.  The kids ate and then played for awhile before we came home.  Keaton and Campbell had naps once we made it home.
  • Graham followed me around in the house this afternoon, I worked on laundry while he ran his cars over my piles and then I clipped coupons while he watched his movie.  When I finished couponing, I thought he would have finished his movie but he was hot on my heels, so we used his tape measure to measure a few things for my upcoming ikea trip.
  • Reagan had a wonderful day.  She came home talking non stop about what all they did, who was there and who was not.  Reagan was so proud of her oral report today which was about the silver dollar that Jason had given her yesterday.  Anderson also said that he had a good day.  His show and tell today was his silver dollar from Jason.  And he was pretty excited that he had earned all 5 of his stars today.  
  • Robby not only picked up Reagan and Anderson but he also picked up sonic drinks for everyone.  The kids were so excited about them but they were also excited about getting to count their money.  Robby had told them that he will buy them a kindle if they can save 100 dollars.  We spent quite awhile counting everyone's money but finally came out with some totals (Campbell-20, Graham-44, Anderson 35, Reagan-41).  Those totals were pretty impressive to me but really the only way to save the rest of the money is for us to visit Beebee and Papaw a few times a week.  
  • I am not sure where the afternoon went but we did spend some time outside.  We took a little walk and the kids rode their scooters-it was cold out there but they didn't seem to mind.  Then we came in and Robby cleaned the oven for a bit while the kids played on our phones.  
  • We had pizza from the oven for supper but it was still smelly in the kitchen so we ate in the bonus room.  Afterwards, we watched a movie and read some of a devotional book and then sent the kids to bed.  Robby and I had to hibernate in the bonus room tonight because we are self cleaning the oven and it is smelling up the entire house!  No cookies for me tonight I guess!