March 31, 2014

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Soccer practice (after the rain!)

  • Campbell hitched a ride this morning with Robby on his way to work.  She had a big day planned with Nonna.  He dropped her off early this morning and she stayed busy all day long.  The first event was playing with the forts the kids left up in Nonna's living room. Then they made a trip to the mall looking for an Easter dress.  
  • Sometime during their shopping, Campbell looked at Nonna and said "Now, where do you get the pretzels?"  That is my girl.  After eating a bit and finding a dress and matching headband, they headed home.  Then Campbell asked Nonna if she was going to get to go to the dollar store like Reagan did.  Well, of course so she found herself a coloring book.  
  • Back at Nonna's house, Campbell played outside, had lots of fun on the neighbors swing and even got to help Pops drive his tractor.  My little girl had a big, big day.  Robby picked her up on the way home so she could get her shoes on for soccer.
  • Back at home, the kids did school-things  went surprisingly well since this was the first day back at spring break.  The break was nice but we did notice a behavior change in the kids while not doing school.  This could also be because of the bug going around the house but I think it was mainly because we were not in a routine like usual.  
  • Anderson again spent most of his school morning in the bathroom but Graham was right behind him in his bathroom usage.  I did pour them half a bottle each of immodium at lunch and things did improve after that.  (Oh, it wasn't really a half a bottle-close though!)
  • Whitman was such a happy guy today during school-he just sat in his pack n play while we did our work.  We would throw him some new toys every once in a while.  Keaton sat at Campbell's desk for the longest time eating her cereal and using the markers.  Reagan does most of her school work in front of the heater in the living room-I don't know what she is going to do when we put that up for the summer.
  • We had lunch and then the kids helped with some chores.  When we do all work together we can really get things accomplished.  But when they don't work, gracious.  We were almost finished with our chores and were all working on laundry-my boys couldn't seem to fold a thing and Reagan was just as distracted.  Then they started throwing the laundry on Whitman-I had had enough!  I was able to regain control (of them and me!) and we finished the laundry and then they had some free time.
  • Soon it was Whitman and Keaton's rest time.  Keaton hates taking a nap but she loves drinking milk so she will happily lay down.  Sometimes though she will ask me for more milk during her nap and since I also love her nap, I happily comply.
  • The big kids had some apples for snack while I was on the treadmill.  And way too soon, it was time to get things ready for soccer-clothes, shoes, hair, shin guards, supper, snacks, blanket, camera...After working so hard and for so long, would you believe that it was raining when we made it to the first practice.
  • The kids sat in the car for a bit but we finally just let them out and they started to play in the rain.  They played and played and just as I was about to call them back to the car, the sun came out and we let them play away.  The 6:30 practice was a little light on kids but Robby had Noah, one other player and 4 Dennie kids.  So they scrimmaged all during practice.  
  • Now here is a run down on my kids soccer skills-Reagan is the fastest Dennie but doesn't try to attack the ball.  Anderson is not a runner (like his mother) so he is often playing defense.  Graham is just slow but he is not afraid to get in the mix and try to get the ball.  Campbell is just Campbell.  She did okay today and often surprisingly run toward the ball but she often is oblivious to what all is happening in the game!  We may not be the fastest, or the best shot or even most into the game but my kids had an awesome time running around on the field tonight so that is what it is all about.  
  • The kids had supper on the way home and once home everyone had showers.  Graham was laying in our bed before his shower and Anderson was laying in my closet before his shower-my kiddos were tired tonight!

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