April 1, 2018-Happy Easter!

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  • Robby just finished reading last year's Easter day blog, and he said that I could just about copy and paste it onto this blog. Maybe a few things will be different so here goes:
  • Graham was the first one awake and came to lay down beside us. That is sweet and all, and I certainly miss those days when our bed would be full of little ones in the morning time. That child wasn't in our room to be sweet and cuddly though; he was trying to see what was in his Easter basket.
  • It didn't take long for Graham to stir everyone up enough that soon everyone was dressed and anxious to see in those baskets. We used to our advantage and took the customary Easter picture before they were given their baskets or even breakfast.
  • Before we took the pictures, I was determined to find my church jeans. I just have two pairs of nice jeans and one was dirty since I wore them yesterday. I looked everywhere for them-all over my closet, in Anderson's drawer, in Graham's drawer and even in Reagan's drawers. I was getting a bit upset, and after accusing someone of stealing them as an April Fool's Joke, I finally discovered them in my pile of clothes to wear later.  Oops!
  • The pictures went better than what Robby read that I wrote last year. Apparently, Whitman didn't know how to smile or look at the camera last year, but he has certainly figured it now. Once we thought we had a few decent pictures, we let everyone go to their baskets. 
  • Even though everyone was very excited about their baskets, they also weren't too crazy about the traditional socks and underwear filling their baskets. Along with the underwear and socks, they had a bottle of orange juice, a honey bun, a little cinnamon roll, a candy bar, a ring pop, some fun dip, and a pez dispenser. Their baskets weren't crazy exciting, but they still seemed pleased.
  • Soon cinnamon rolls were coming out of the oven, and we ate before heading to church. We took two cars today which didn't help the already crazy parking lot. The kids found Nonna and Pops before church, but Grannymom and Grandpa were later so we missed them. Church was wonderful, and then everyone headed off to Sunday school class. Robby and I headed to the parking lot to work our shift in one of the greeter tents. We didn't have any takers to greet but did enjoy talking to a few folks while we were out there.
  • We then went in for a bit before picking up the kids from their classes. Robby took Keaton and Graham home with him. We weren't too far behind him and were soon helping to heat up the food. The rolls were warm just at Dana, Lilly and Cash arrived.
  • We ate lunch, and everything was delicious. The kids soon headed outside to play before we hid the Easter eggs. They had to all go in the garage when we hid the eggs. This year, I did pack less eggs but we still had quite a few. We also hid them over the entire yard so finding all of the eggs still took a good long time. Everyone found many eggs and seemed pleased with their candy. Robby found a few dollar bills and a ten dollar bill to put in the eggs. Pops handed out a few dollars as well. I, on the other hand, had already given all of my change away for something at church so I just had pennys. The eggs that had money that I packed, all contained just 5 cents each!
  • After the kids hunted the eggs and opened them up to find their candy, they headed outside to play. The neighbors came over and the kids stayed out all afternoon and evening playing with the neighbors. 
  • Robby and I went out for a bit to work on a concrete project. We think that we succeeded, but we shall see. It was almost dark when the kids finally came in. They showered and ate a bit of supper. I do believe that everyone was so full from the candy that they had been eating all day long that they were stuffed without needing supper.
  • Everyone had a bit of downtime before bed. Whitman has a big day tomorrow since it is officially his birthday, and he will celebrate it at school!

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