April 10, 2018

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  • Even though we had 6 doughnuts left over from last night along with banana bread and a few bananas, I still made muffins this morning for the kids' breakfast. They had asked for muffins yesterday but it was Monday so that didn't happen. I just had two packages so they still finished off my donuts but no one touched my banana bread or bananas.
  • Whitman headed off to school today. He wasn't too ready to leave since he was in the middle of "making a world." That boy is obsessed with Minecraft right now. I probably need to figure out how to teach him to read using Minecraft.
  • After breakfast, we did our school work and even had some time for work on science fair projects. Seriously, why in the world would a group of homeschool moms decide to do a science fair. What in the world were we thinking? Sometimes we just make life too difficult. Thankfully, we are still 3 weeks out from our science fair date, and only have 3 projects left to do.
  • Graham worked on his Bible study snack before we had lunch. We dipped Oreos in white chocolate. After lunch, Campbell worked on her Bible study snack, cinnamon strusel pizza. Then we worked on Campbell and Reagan's clothes switch over. They only had 2 bins to look through. Campbell did grab a few things (nothing that I was really excited about) but Reagan only put two pairs of long shorts (needed for the mission trip) into her drawers. I told her that she could make a list of things that she needed, and we would have to start shopping.
  • I worked on painting the drawers some more and thankfully, I am done. I think that they are finished and perfect but even if they are not, I am still done. I walked on the treadmill while the kids were outside. Poor Keaton fell down so I had to stop and bandage her up. It took a while to calm her down but everyone helped-Graham retrieved her bike, Anderson brought paper towels, Campbell talked to her-it was a group effort.
  • The kids were outside until almost 8. Whitman and Robby weren't home until late as well so I was in no hurry for supper. After the kids' showers, I did finally get it on the table about 8:15-roasted carrots and roasted green beans, grilled chicken and biscuits. `He! It was a healthy meal and people still ate it.
  • The kids just had a bit of time before it was bedtime. My Graham and Whitman were still going strong after lights out-I may or may not have just threatened the front porch as where they would be going next if they continued talking.

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