April 8, 2018

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  • Sunday morning and like usual my big boys were the only ones dressed. I found Whitman some clothes as Robby woke up the girls and got them moving. Keaton had already worked on her outfit yesterday so she was soon down the stairs dressed and ready.
  • Everyone was soon dressed, and we were headed to church. We didn't have time to linger as we saw the grands because church was soon starting. Church was fairly uneventful though I do believe that Whitman moved pretty much the entire service. 
  • After church, Campbell and Graham stayed for a children's event. They had hot dogs and then played field games outside. I kind of forgot that they might be outside so they didn't have their jackets. They promised me that they would be fine, and when I did pick them up they were both red faced and hot from playing hard.
  • The rest of us went to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Nonna had chili, and it was the perfect day for chili since it is still freezing. Afterwards, we headed home for a bit. The neighbors were out so the kids went out to play while Robby and I snoozed. I jumped up just in time to rush to church and pick up Campbell and Graham.
  • Graham and Campbell were hoping that everyone was still outside when we made it back home, but the neighbors were inside. Soon though the other neighbor came out so Campbell, Keaton and Whitman went out. 
  • Some folks had showers this evening, and eventually I made bbq nachos for supper. We capped the meal off with Tang popsicles that Keaton had made the other day. Everyone then gathered in the living room to watch a Little Big Shots before bedtime.

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