April 7, 2018

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  • Last night Robby was sure that we would not have soccer, but I thought we just might. We really wanted for the kids to get to play, but we did not want to sit out in freezing temperature all day long. So maybe in hopes that we wouldn't have soccer, at midnight I started pulling things out that we would need for a day outside. I gathered some coats, blankets, hats and gloves. 
  • Around 6:30, Robby woke me up saying that soccer was cancelled. He emailed and text his teams while I made a note for the kids on the steps. I had told the kids that we would wake them up at 7 if we were having soccer or if we weren't having soccer then we wouldn't wake anyone up.
  • Robby and I were able to sleep a bit longer while still explaining to everyone as the came in that even though it wasn't raining, they still cancelled soccer because of the drenched fields. It later rained and even sleeted, so the cancellation was necessary.
  • Eventually, Robby took Anderson and Graham out to eat for a shop while the girls, Whitman and I stayed here. We played some Wii and really did nothing else until the boys showed back up. Now, I did do the dishes, laundry, paint my drawers some and work on the freezer but really, that is all that happened all day long at this house. It was a wonderful lazy Saturday.
  • Lilly and Cash came over to show us their new puppy dogs. My kiddos loved holding the tiny puppies. Whitman wasn't too sure about it all at first but then he loved them. Unfortunately, these Dennie kids aren't getting any puppies anytime. Though I have offered to buy them a dog when they move out of our house. (And I do have plans to get a big ole dog at sometime when this house becomes empty.)
  • I am fairly fuzzy about what happened late this afternoon since I might possibly have had a nap. This evening we started showers while Robby ran to pick up supper. When he arrived home, everyone ate before settling in to watch an episode of the Bates before bedtime. We did have some Oreos for our snack.  

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