April 3, 2018

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  • This morning as I was opening up the blinds in the kids room, I turned on the boys lights since I was sure that they were all awake and downstairs. I was wrong; Graham was still sound asleep in his bed. I guess staying up late watching all of the game last night did him in. We had said that we would only let them stay up until 10, but since Graham really waned to stay up, we let everyone. When the game just had 2 minutes left, we looked on the floor and there was Graham, the one who really wanted to stay up, sound asleep on the floor.
  • After I opened his blinds this morning, he did get on up. I then headed downstairs to get started on project get Whitman out the door. He did put on his clothes by himself but refused to change his socks. That would have been fine but he wanted socks at bedtime last night, so I just grabbed a pair of Graham's socks to put on his feet. I did let him wear them to school but the heels of the socks were all scrunched up outside of his shoes.
  • We started on school this morning after we ate our breakfast. School again went very well. I am really trying to enjoy right now since we our school load is a lot lighter right now. The kids worked hard today, and everyone was finished by lunchtime. We even had time to work on Graham and Keaton's science fair projects. 
  • Soon it was lunchtime, and everyone grabbed their own lunch. I highly pushed anything froem the fridge and had a few takers. I read while everyone at their lunch. After lunch, we started on our chores. 
  • I did manage to walk on the treadmill, saw up some wood for a bit of a project and repaint the top of my newly red drawers. The paint has started peeling off-like peeling off in huge sheets-so I sanded the mess out of the top to see if that would help. Hopefully it will, and then I will repaint the rest of the cabinet.
  • Robby picked up Whitman, who had spent the day at Grannymom's house. They arrived home just after the storms ended. It didn't take too long for us to start pulling out the leftovers from the fridge. Unfortunately, we didn't finish up too many of our leftovers so guess what we are having tomorrow?
  • After supper, Reagan made 2 cinnamon strussel pizzas for her snack for Bible study tomorrow. Then Keaton counted M&Ms for her science fair project. Soon after that, we had cookies for a snack. Robby then measured all of the kids, and then Whitman and I worked on his reading book for a bit. There was just a few more minutes afterwards before it was finally bedtime for our all of the kiddos.

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