April 27, 2018-Branson Adventure #2 (Day 3)

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I am not exactly how long Whitman lasted in his spot last night, but the sky was beginning to lighten up at least when he joined us in bed. I wasn't awake enough to put him back in his sleeping bag, but I did move him to the edge. Again this morning, Robby was quick to point out that one more child could have joined us on the other side of Whitman. He does this often during a trip, and it will often take him a few nights to learn to stay in his bed again. I probably should make a him a pallet on my floor tonight just in case!

We had our leftover doughnuts along with grapes and poptarts for our breakfasts. We had planned on arriving at the park a bit earlier than we did, but we were still there before they opened. Actually, we had already walked to Time Traveler by the time that park opened at 10. The big 3 went to Time Traveler while Keaton, Whitman, Robby and I rode Thunderation twice. Afterwards, we met back up and everyone rode Thunderation again together.

The park was a lot fuller today but oddly enough, you could still pretty much walk on most of the big roller coasters, and that is what my big 4 did over and over again. We would split up occasionally from them while they rode. Reagan had my phone in her jacket so Robby could easily text and track them.

We did cover lots of ground today despite the larger crowds. There was no kettle corn for us today, but we did manage to eat a funnel cake at some point during the morning. Then we ate our lunchables at our new favorite spot-behind the cooking school on their back porch. They have lots of rocking chairs there and the wind was a bit breezy. Oh, it was nice! 

I have no decided that I want to come back with just Robby to Silver Dollar City and go to one of the cooking classes. After we ate, we sent the big 4 off to ride another coaster. It was closed so they let us know that they were going to another one. Meanwhile, Keaton, Whitman and I rode the pirate ship and then the swings. 

While we were riding the swings, Robby ran into the Crafts. Keaton was so excited to see her little buddies. We had planned on leaving at 3 but ended up staying until 4 since we let her ride 2 more rides with them. Then, we had the others meet us at the round raft ride. Even though we had told them over and over that we weren't doing water rides today, since the Crafts were there, we changed our minds.

Campbell was so happy to see Abigail. So Robby, Casey and a gaggle of girls along with my boys rode the wet water ride not just once but twice. When Reagan finished, her coat weighed at least 20 pounds. It was completely filled with water! Robby ended up relatively dry! They all had a blast, and we left the park with 6 soaking wet kids.

Thankfully, we all had changes of clothes in the car so everyone put on dry clothes. Then we headed towards home. We stopped before we made it to Arkansas for gas and then drove and drove. Well, we also snacked and snacked. 

At a bathroom stop, Robby bought ice cream sandwiches. There were 12 in the box so we had to eat them all-everyone had 1 and a half. In Greenbriar, we picked up pizza and ate as we drove on home. I thought it was edible enough but Reagan, our pickiest child, thought it was the best pizza she had ever had.

Once at home, we unloaded the car and then vacuumed it out. While Robby and Campbell did the vacuuming, Whitman showered and everyone else worked on unpacking our bags. Soon the house was straight and all of the people here were clean. We had some downtime until bed! Lots of soccer games tomorrow so everyone needs lots of sleep!

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