April 22, 2018

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  • We could hear the kids awake this morning so maybe that is why Robby and I both continued hitting snooze. Reagan wasn't here this morning since she had spent the night with Kaleigh, but even with her gone most everyone can get Sunday ready by themselves. Actually, everyone but Whitman can if I lay out his clothes, which I had not!
  • Even with me scurrying around more than usual, we were still able to leave on time. We walked through and saw the grands before setting down. I knew that Reagan would arrive about 15 minutes later since their Sunday school starts later than our service. I expected her to show up, but she never did. 
  • After church, we asked someone if she had been in their SS class, and he said no. I had to go to teach Keaton and Whitman's SS class but did leave Robby instructions to find my girl. He quickly did. She had indeed been to SS with the other girls. Robby told her that she could go to worship with them if she wanted but she opted to go to her own SS class.
  • When church was over, we gathered our crew and headed to Nonna's house for lunch. She had a bit lunch and everyone enjoyed it. We stayed for a bit before hurrying home for a very short nap. Church was tonight and since Reagan, Graham and Campbell had to be there early, their was little time for a nap!
  • Before I was ready, I was back in the car headed to church. Everyone did their rehearsals and soon the service started. Along with baby dedication, which we were obviously not a part of, the 1st through 4th grade choir sang. Graham had a speaking part which he was extremely happy to be done with. Campbell was singing her little heart out on the back row. A bit later, Reagan and the preteen worship group led the congregation in two songs. Then all of the 6th graders, including Reagan, received an ESV study Bible. 
  • Afterwards, there was a little fellowship upstairs including cupcakes which my kids ate more than a dozen of! Once we made it home, everyone put on their pjs and then started on tomorrow's school work while Robby heated up a bite of supper. 
  • The kids had a bit of downtime before bed. I think that my crew is tired tonight and after writing out my to-do list for just tomorrow, I am overwhelmed and a bit tired myself!

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