April 16, 2018

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  • Anderson was awake this morning, but that was all. I went up to find Whitman so he could get ready for school. He wasn't in his bed but was sleeping all cozied up to Graham. Graham is usually the first one awake, but maybe he needed someone to snuggle up to so he could sleep a little bit longer.
  • In the girls' room, Keaton was quick to wake up to check her tooth fairy pillow. Indeed, the fairy did leave her a dollar. She was pleased with her money but did let it be known and more money would have been better.
  • We got Whitman off to school. As I buckled his seat belt, I told him that he would always be my little baby. This didn't settle with him well, so I continued that Anderson and Graham would always be my babies too. To this, Whitman said, "I want a another Momma." Gotta love parenthood!
  • The rest of us started on our school work. Since everyone had done some last night, my load was a lot lighter, and I was able to work on my afternoon chores while the kids finished their stuff. We read an interesting book about Marco Polo this year. I tell you, I have so enjoyed our history this year, and I am going to try really hard to enjoy science next year as much as I have liked history.
  • We just have two science fair projects to finish up around here. Reagan did make 3 more batches of her cupcakes today. Today she left out milk, vanilla and then something else. Her little experiment has been pretty interesting, at least to me. She did say today that she had memorized her cupcake recipe. I read a blog about a lady who let her kid do "baking" as a high school elective. I think we would go broke buying flour and sugar if that happened at our house.
  • The kids tried to find the neighbors today to play, but they were still doing school. I worked on some garage sale stuff. Whitman went home with Nonna and Pops after school. Since I had Bunko tonight, Pops came over to pick up Campbell and Keaton because everyone else had soccer practice.
  • Soon afterwards, the others were loading up for practice. This was actually picture day which is kind of funny since the kids have never put on their uniforms before. We did find out today that we are going to get to make up one game on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I headed off to Bunko-we ate at Whole Foods, which was a fun little change. Robby took the others to practice. After they picked up supper, they picked up the littles. Once everyone was home it was showers and bed. 

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