April 21, 2018

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  • Lately, Robby and I have been reminiscing of when we would have 2 to 4 people, or sometimes even more, in our bed during the wee morning hours. They aren't usually in our bed anymore, but Whitman now sleeps with one of his brothers most every night and Campbell and Keaton slept in the same bed last night since Reagan was away. This morning, however, our room was full of people at 7:01.
  • Today was our first soccer day since the last two Saturdays have been rainy, and the Dennie team was ready. Reagan met us at the fields since she had spent the night at Grannymom and Grandpa's house.
  • It was a built chilly this morning, but eventually the sun did come out and warm us up. However, the wind always seems to blow at Raymar, at least during this time of the year. I started off with 4 layers on and then got down to one but eventually had to put one jacket back on due to the wind.
  • Our first game was Keaton and Whitman's team. Keaton, which was no surprise, did excellent. She scored 6 of her teams 8 goals. Whitman also did really well-he did everything that we had hoped. He ran through the tunnel, stayed on the field, didn't chase a butterfly, did chase the ball and even kicked the ball a few times. And, he isn't even the worst player on his team!
  • The next game was Graham's team. This is the first year that 4th grade and up are playing on the big fields with goalies so all of this was new to us. His team did well and won 2-0. Robby coaches their team and was relieved to see them look decent on the field.
  • Next up was Campbell's game and Reagan's game. Reagan's team won but she hung back quite a bit. She is good at defense and was trying to do that. However, Robby says that she is a completely different player during practice than she was during the game. Campbell is a beast during soccer. I know you would never believe that she runs the entire time, but she sure does. She scored 2 of her teams 3 or 4 goals. She thinks they tied, but they might possibly have lost by 1 point. 
  • Finally, we watched Anderson's game. Bless his little team. He knew the first practice that it was going to be a long year, and it will be. Now, they were playing a team with one star player and that kid did score all 3 goals so if you take those away, it would have been a tie. Anderson played goalie for a quarter, and I just couldn't get over how much he looked the part. I do think he was the cutest goalie at Raymar. Poor guy did twist his ankle pretty good at the very beginning of the game and limped for the rest of it.
  • I do think that everyone had a good soccer day. Once we came home, everyone had showers and a piece of pizza from the fridge. Reagan just really had time to shower and repack before her, Robby, Campbell and Keaton left again. She is spending the night at Kaleigh's house, and the others left for a quick Kroger run and a mystery shop.
  • Meanwhile back at home, Anderson and I worked on his science fair project. I also worked on a few other things before starting on supper. Oh, I did have to take a shower to get the knots out of my hair from the crazy wind this morning.
  • For supper, we had hamburgers, twice baked potatoes, roasted carrots and butternut squash along with corn on the cob. The twice baked potatoes were wonderful, and we topped our supper off with ice cream. The Wilson's were over for supper, and the kids all played outside with the neighbor kids until the rain started to move in.
  • When the WIlson's left, my crew had to have another set of showers before bedtime. They were all pretty exhausted tonight. So exhausted that I bet Whitman won't even be awake long enough to move into a brother's bed. Keaton and Campbell already started out in the same bed, but we never heard a peep out of them.

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