April 20, 2018

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  • For some reason, Robby and I were awake earlier today than usual. That was fine since I had plenty to do this morning. The kids found their own breakfasts, and then we did a little reading before working on chores and clothes.
  • At 9:30, we loaded up and headed to Jacksonville. On the way, we picked up Kennedy. Despite having a buddy in the car, Reagan was insistent that we listen to our book on tape. Everyone loves our books on the tape but the one we are listening to now is only on loan from the library for 14 days so we must hurry.
  • Today's field trip was all about electricity, and it was really well done. They had a lady from the Museum of Discovery who did a few science experiments for everyone first. Then the 6th graders on up, went to another area. Sara went with Noah, Kennedy and Reagan and said that it was really neat. Reagan elaborated more by saying "that talked about stuff." So informative!
  • Now my boys could have hung with the 6th graders, but I followed the rules and they stayed in the right group. It was a magician who talked about electrical safety. He was light on magic but really funny. 
  • Keaton was chosen to be an assistant. She ripped up some tissue paper, and then smashed it back together. Afterwards, the torn tissue paper turned into an adorable pink tissue paper hat. Keaton was absolutely glowing during all of this. Now later, Keaton handed me the hat and asked me to hold it. Soon Campbelll came running up to me telling me to not fold the hat. She was worried that if I folded it back up, it would turn back into torn pieces of tissue paper. I didn't fold it, and Keaton has asked for me to put the hat in her memory box.
  • After the magician, there were stations for us to go through. The favorite was making your own circuit to make a flashlight. My people made two each! When you had been to all of the stations, you were able to turn in your paper and receive a goody bag of candy. The kids loved this!
  • On the way home, we stopped by a picked up a pizza for a little snack on the way home. We then dropped off Kennedy before taking Reagan to spend the night at Grannymom's house. We stayed there for a few minutes before coming home for a bit.
  • Tonight the boys had basketball so we loaded back up to drop them off. Robby and I grabbed a shake before taking the littles to McDonalds to eat and play for a bit. We then ran to Grannymom's to drop some things off. Then Robby dropped me off at the Kroger for some speed shopping while he picked up the boys. We picked their supper up on the way home and then it was back home for the night.

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