April 17, 2018

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  • I woke up this morning with Anderson standing over me asking if they could get their own breakfasts. Scared the daylights out of me! I was glad that he asked because we were going to eat together this morning. We don't eat together usually on mornings that we have to leave the house.
  • Robby took Whitman to school while the rest of us ate our breakfasts and then went to town on reading history. As soon as they was finished, I had everyone put on their clothes and start on their chores. 
  • Today was Field Day for our little homeschool group. We had it at Raymar fields so everyone was super excited about it. Now the first stop this morning was to pick Whitman up from school. I think that he was just there about an hour and a half before we came. He didn't mind and was ready to go which was nice.
  • Our next stop was ChickFila for a free chicken biscuits. We had to wait a few minutes to get our biscuits and while waiting, a friend text saying that Hardees was giving out free sausage biscuits if you made it there by 10. I looked up, and there was a Hardees sign. They delivered our food, and I pulled out headed to Hardees. 
  • We parked in their parking lot with 3 minutes to spare and ran inside. They were just as friendly as ChickFilA and happily gave us our sausage biscuits. The kids got a kick out of this, and the boys ate their sausage biscuits for lunch in lieu of their sandwiches that they had packed this morning.
  • Most everyone was already at Raymar when we arrived. The first organized activity was a kickball game. We didn't play too long-actually, I am not even sure who's team won though I think that it was not my team. 
  • There were a few relay races and even tug of war. The kids had brought balls and all kinds of toys. Everyone just enjoyed walking all over Raymar and just doing whatever they wanted. Now, I wasn't really thinking today since I didn't get the sunscreen out until it was way too late. I have a bunch of red faced kids! Campbell, of course, is the very worse. Hopefully, they will just be pink tomorrow and not bright red!
  • We headed home around 2 after a full days worth of playing. Reagan worked on her science fair project while the others played on their ipads. It was a fairly low key afternoon because I think that they were exhausted. 
  • I had to help Robby with a work project tonight so we ate supper a bit later than usual. Everyone had baked potatoes while I had a pan full of roasted veggies (green beans, tomatoes, corn, carrots, butternut squash, mushrooms and a zuchinni or a cucumber-I don't know which one it was.) Reagan did try a few but I didn't even offer them to anyone else. 
  • After supper, the kids had their showers and then we all went upstairs to play the wii for a bit before bedtime.

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