April 19, 2018

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  • Thursday morning and Whitman had to get off to school. Robby made a special trip to the story yesterday to buy cheese for his grilled cheese breakfast sandwiches. Of course this morning, he didn't want one!
  • Once Robby headed off with Whitman, the rest of us settled in the living room to do our work together. We usually hibernate in my bedroom, but since muffins were baking and Robby was gone, we ended up in the living room. A change was kind of different. 
  • Currently, I spend most of our school day in my bedroom by the window where I fold the laundry. I think this is the second year that we have been working right there. One year was spent in the hallway working, and the year that I was pregnant with Whitman, we did all of our work in my bed. Maybe I will find a new spot for next year.
  • School went fairly well. Reagan finished her report for her science fair-well, it is a short, very short report. That is fine though because I think that I am done with science fairs. I am actually pretty done with this school year and ready to start next year. Now, I will say that is fine since our school year is pretty much over already. We have very few days left and am just trying to cram the rest in.
  • Once we finished school, we had our lunch. The kids listened as I read some. Afterwards, Keaton was a subject for Anderson's science fair project. While she was doing that, Anderson and I finished his last Star Wars puzzle. He has asked me to help him hang them up. I think framing them would be pricey but thankfully, I have found a solution, hopefully, on pinterest. 
  • The kids ended up outside for just a bit this afternoon. I played basketball with Graham, Anderson and Keaton. The neighbor came down for a bit and a few played with him before soccer.
  • Keaton, Campbell and I then jumped in the car to meet Robby. We met him at the gas station and then Robby and I went to work changing Whitman. We put him in his soccer uniform-it is a booger trying to dress a 5 year old in the back of the car especially when putting cleats, shin guards and socks which are large enough for a grown man to wear.
  • We made it to soccer on time though I have no idea why anyone would ever want to drive down 1-30 at 5 in the evening. It was picture night at soccer so that took up most of their time. Campbell's team did scrimmage, and they did fine. No one scored. Keaton and Whitman's team also scrimmaged. Keaton was all over that field, and all though I was worried about how they would do, their team seemed okay-ish. Whitman, bless, did better than I thought. The ball did touch him a few times. He stayed on the field and didn't lay down which is all that I can hope for on Saturday.
  • Once at home, my crew ate our supper. The others had already eaten. The kids had showers and afterwards, we had some ice cream before bed. You could have heard a pin drop when Robby mentioned that in a few weeks, the church is participating in screen free week, and we would be participating (to some degree.) I better make some plans as to what we are going to do all day long!

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