April 18, 2018

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  • Whitman burst in our room around 3:30 this morning and jumped over me into the middle of the bed. I do believe that he went to both brothers' beds to tell them that he was scared last night before coming down here. Now, it probably served them right that he woke them up before coming downstairs because I think that they might have possibly been egging him on earlier in the evening. I believe that they continued to talk about the "scary granny" that he has been worried about the past few nights. Hopefully, tonight he will sleep all night in his own bed.
  • I guess having one more warm body in our bed last night made it a bit cuddlier, and I stayed in bed until the last possibly moment. It is pretty amazing that within 30 minutes of me waking up, we can walk out the door. Even with that short amount of time, everyone had breakfast, everyone packed their lunch (which we remembered to bring), I unloaded the dishes, and we didn't leave a single thing at home. All of that will probably never happen again.
  • Bible study was good, and afterwards my Bible study group went to a park. It was one ladies birthday so another had bought the most beautiful cake from Sams of all places. It was as good as it looked, and that should mean quite a bit since cake is not my favorite of desserts. Though I would certainly take a slice of cake right now.
  • Afterwards, I took my crew to Dairy Queen for our Blizzards. They ate them in the car and for some reason, Reagan and Keaton didn't finish theirs so I struggled eating them and driving home.
  • Once at home, the kids did little of nothing while I worked on some garage sale stuff and worked with Whitman on his school stuff. Soon, it was time to eat our supper before church. We worked on all of the fridge leftovers. 
  • After church tonight, I headed out of the parking lot a different way than usual. The kids quickly noticed and I said that we were still heading home. When we missed the turn to go home, Graham was the only one who noticed. I then told them that we were headed to Chickfila for a few cookie. My Anderson said that he just loves free stuff! That's my boy. The cookies were delicious although the lady at the window wasn't that friendly which is completely unlike any Chickfila people. She questioned if I had 7 people in the car. Of course, the kids were all being exceptional and the car was as quiet as crickets. 
  • Once at home, everyone had a sip of coke to wash down that wonderful cookie. Before they knew it, it was bedtime.

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