April 13, 2018

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  • I knew that we needed to leave at 11 today, and I thought that surely we would have plenty of time to do everything that we needed to do this morning since we weren't doing our school. Gracious though, I just don't know where the time went.
  • We had our breakfast while I read some. Then we moved to my bedroom so I could read some history, a few books about our upcoming trip and then we worked on a packet from one of the National Parks. 
  • When we finished that, Anderson and Campbell started on their leftover school work from yesterday while Whitman worked with me on his school work. Reagan worked a bit on her science fair chart, and then she joined everyone else working on their chores.
  • Soon, it was 10:45, and I decided that the kids needed something to eat before we left so I pulled out our leftover pizza from yesterday. The kids gobbled it down and then jumped in the car.
  • We zoomed on to Conway to join our other homeschool buddies at a Taco for Life food packing event put on by Feed My Starving Children. Our little group of 15 kiddos and 4 mommas packed 15 boxes of food. The group total was 304 boxes of food which was 65 thousand meals and will feed 179 kids for a year. 
  • Overall, the kids worked hard. All of the big kids wanted to be the person that puts the packed bags into the boxes so they took turns doing that. Campbell was the most unsatisfied of the crew bouncing from job to job. I finally told her that this was the second time for me to pack food, and I have only had one job every single time. I continued by adding that I would like to do something else to but the day is not about me since I have plenty of food and am not going hungry. This did appease her some and by the way, I didn't mind my job.
  • I was the sealer which was a job that an adult had to do. Whitman was my helper, but he also spent a lot of time handing bags of food to the person putting them in the boxes. Actually, most of his time was spent dancing the loud music playing. He really wanted to help put the rice or veggies in the bags but even standing on a stool, he was just too small to reach.
  • I was over near the bigger kids, Whitman, plus my boys and all the 6th graders. We stayed pretty busy but that left the other 3 mommas and all of the smaller kiddos on the other side of the table. I saw Keaton one during the entire time so I know that they had put her to work. 
  • After all of our hard work, I rewarded everyone with Sonic on the way home. It rained a bit on the way home, but soon the weather cleared. This afternoon was pretty busy too since Campbell and Anderson finished their chores before Campbell and I finished her science fair project. Reagan also made 3 more batches of cupcakes later this afternoon.
  • At 6, Robby took the boys to basketball and the rest of us went to the Wilson's house. I took chips and salsa along with that leftover pizza. We ate on that while watching the weather until Robby went to pick up the boys plus Cash. 
  • We then stayed at the Wilson's house until 11. The weather folks thought for sure that we would have some pretty bad weather, and since the Wilson's have a tornado room we just waited there until it the storm was pretty much over. Once we made it home, the boys had their showers and then it was bedtime for everyone. Hopefully, we have soccer tomorrow but with all of the rain that we are getting right now, I just don't know,

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